The Unshackled Waves Ep. 129 Social Media Censorship

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Facebook is easily the biggest social media platform in the world. It is used for sharing our daily thoughts, promoting businesses and of course political discussions. Over the past few years Facebook has sought to actively sensor some political views, normally conservative ones which they claim are hate speech or as its puts violating their community standards.

Many on the right have been subjected to repeated 30 day bans from Facebook and also had their Facebook pages unpublished. The United Patriots Front whose main page had over 120,000 likes was deleted last year and its leader Blair Cottrell was permanently banned from Facebook. The Make New Zealand Great Again political party also had its Facebook page deleted for a meme which mocked Jacinda Ardern’s twin support for abortion and ending child poverty.

The latest causality of this social media censorship is the Advance Australia Where Facebook page which was unpublished last week with no warning given. Its founder is also currently serving 30-day ban from Facebook. We had him on the show at the beginning of 2017 to discuss his page so I thought given in the wake of Facebook’s decision it would be good to have him back to discuss his recent experience.

We look at how he was able to grow the page to 29k likes, Facebook was still willing to take his money for boosting posts but had no hesitation in deleting all of the results. He tells us when the Facebook censorship began and how the page began to be reported by left wing trolls. We ask him to reflect on the question of did the page ever go too far in its attempt to be as edgy as possible?

He tells us how it felt to have two and half years work gone just like that when Facebook unpublished the page. We also discuss the argument that Facebook as a private company has the right to deny service to anyone it likes. We explore the alternatives to Facebook and other major social media players such as, and and if they can develop the same communication reach. We also ask Steve what his future plans are to spread his message.

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