Theres a new illness the communist health system has created. It’s called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome(SADS). It’s really the Sudden Death By Vaccination Syndrome(SDVS) but they would never call it that publicly. 


Excerpt from the Andy Nolch Show

Theres a new illness the communist health system has created. It’s called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). It’s really the Sudden Death By Vaccination Syndrome (SDVS) but they would never call it that publicly. 

A news article about it is linked at the bottom. There is also a short interview I did with a retired pilot about it. According to this pilot airlines nowadays are hiring only unvaccinated pilots because this type of pilot is reliable. He is reliable because he is unlikely to suffer from heart attacks and/or die suddenly mid flight. In an attempt to fact check these extreme statements I googled ‘vaccinated pilot gets heart attack mid flight’ many articles came up claiming the statement was false. Now when I see the communist system running around trying to deny something it makes me think that they are doing a damage control operation and it probably is true. Why would they have to write articles denying the rumour?

How did the rumour come about in the first place?

That rumour came from somewhere, it wasn’t just made up. So I bet you that lots of pilots are getting heart attacks and dying mid flight. We know many people from the general population are getting heart problems after receiving the covid 19 vaccine and some are dying (note all these famous people recently). And if we add the stress to the body caused by flying then it all makes sense, it’s believable that jabbed pilots are getting heart attacks mid flight. Have a listen to what the pilot has to say. It’s interesting, again vids at the bottom. 

For years there has been Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and that also is really just Sudden Death by Vaccination Syndrome (SDVS) but again they’d never call it that. The doctors, police, lawyers and judges would even accuse the poor mother of shaking her baby to death!

They’d say that she caused the death because they’d never entertain the idea that it was the vaccines the baby was given that did it. They invented a false theory for the cause of death, a cover story. They even came up with a new label for that theory-Shaking Baby Syndrome (SBS). So the baby who died of SIDS really died from SDVS and the justice system would then try and say the baby actually died of SBS and say that if the baby died of SBS then the mother must have been angry with the baby and she must have been the one who shook him or her to death!

What a confusion of the facts. This is what happens when people try to cover up the truth. That’s how determined they are to protect vaccine’s reputation. Heck they needed someone to blame for the death!

They don’t really care who or what they blame for these deaths as long as it’s not the communist healthcare system (big pharma). The evilness of the system is shocking. The people in our justice system (all communist government workers) are making sure no justice occurs in regards to the jab side effects. Big Pharma remain untouched while they continually break the law and murder people. We know what’s really causing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It doesn’t even need to be said. Healthy people suddenly getting a heart attack, what else could it be? 

It has only one correct name: Sudden Death by Vaccination Syndrome.

Here’s the article about the new illness. And don’t let yourself get confused by the article, remember the author has been tricked by the health systems lies and illogicalness.

Hear the story about pilots dying mid flight from heart attacks:

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