Organizers of Jordan Peterson Tour to bring you Jacinta Price in August-September


You may know True Arrow Events as the company that first brought Canadian clinical psychologist and professor Dr Jordan B Peterson to Australia early in 2018. It began a bumper year of other alternative media personalities visiting our shores, including Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and Nigel Farage. The event was such a success that Peterson returned to the land down under in February under his own touring brand. He had the honour the second time around of being protested by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and other subgroups of Melbourne’s Antifa movement.

This year they are promoting local talent with Indigenous Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, who has become a star of the conservative movement for expressing opposition to the “Change the Date” that would see the Australia day January 26th date moved to a different day in an attempt to make amends for historical events relating to European colonialism. Price has defended her beliefs in the media on shows such as ABC’s “The Drum” and “Tonightly with Tom Ballard.” As a result, the so called anti-racist left have called her “coconut” and a “race traitor.”

She most
recently ran as the Country Liberal Party candidate for the Northern Territory
seat of Lingiari in the 2019 federal election. Despite it being a safe Labor
seat since its creation in 2001 Price campaigned hard throughout the large
electorate. She managed to achieve a swing of 2.7% but was unable to unseat
Labor incumbent Warren Snowden. Post-election she has expressed caution about
the push for Indigenous recognition in Australia’s constitution, arguing it
won’t solve the many present causes of Indigenous disadvantage. She has also
recently become the Director of Indigenous Program at the Australian
libertarian thinktank “Centre for Independent Studies.”

Price has
had an impressive career in media before entering politics, she runs a not for
profit company “Yangapi Productions” which produces content for early childhood
audiences in regional Australia, including Yamba’s Playtime and has toured
Australia as a musician with her own original songs for 20 years.

The tour has
been titled “Mind the Gap: Bridging the Indigenous Divide” and will be kicking
off on August 26th in Adelaide. The tour differentiates itself from
previous speaking events by visiting venues in smaller cities. The schedule is
as follows:

Adelaide (August 26th)

Mildura (August 28th)

Bendigo (August 30th)

Melbourne (September 1st)

Albury-Wodonga (September 2nd)

Canberra (September 3rd)

Sydney (September 7th)

Newcastle (September 9th)

Coffs Harbour (September 10th)

Brisbane (September 12th)

Toowoomba (September 13th)

The event
organisers told The Unshackled that they have received multiple threats from
left wing individuals and groups and are taking security very seriously in
certain cities. Past events have been well managed by police who have kept
opposing groups separate from each other, with the exception of the Milo
Yiannopolous Troll Academy tour of November 2017.

Tickets can
still be bought for most cities so if you want the chance to see Jacinta Price
live follow this link:

What do you think of the Mind the Gap Tour? Will you be
attending? Let us know in the comments!

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