United Nations to Investigate If Australia Is Racist

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There are still many nations around the world whose laws enshrine racial discrimination, whose governments turn a blind eye to ethnic cleansing and who do not respect basic democratic freedoms. Those nations are worthy of the strongest condemnation of those who purport to believe in equality before the law and human rights.

But the human rights lobby is more interested in criticising a western nation such as Australia for its perceived racism. Maybe because of their view that it is only white people who can be found to be racist and if members of non-white races are racist then it is probably the fault of something white people did.

A coalition of 53 non-government organisations (NGO) are presenting a report to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination who are investigating if Australia is complying with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination which Australia is a signatory too.

The convention when looking at it in detail is a totalitarian document. It calls for anti-discrimination laws, hate speech and government sponsored tolerate programs. It completely trashes the values of freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of conscience.

These NGOs are planning to slander Australia as much as they can to this United Nations Committee by criticising our border protection policy including the recent standoff at Manus Island, the welfare of indigenous people and our apparent mistreatment of ethnic communities.

The United Nations will of course be only too happy to accept such a report as they previously condemned Australia for our alleged human rights abuses including earlier this year calling for Australia to end offshore processing.

It is highly outrageous that a nation such as Australia and insulting to its people that it is constantly singled out for constant criticism for not upholding human rights. Objective measures of personal and political freedom in a nation such as the Human Freedom Index rank Australia number 6 in the world out of 159 nations

Let us hope that whatever this United Nations Committee reports we still have a federal government that is prepared to treat such a report with the scorn it deserves.


  • Narelle Friar

    Be like Japan and tell the UN to *f* off.

  • Johannes Archer

    the U.N, unelected and unaccountable users.

  • rosross

    The UN is utterly corrupt and this is a load of codswallop. Australia has the highest and fastest rate of immigrant intermarriage of any nation and a higher rate of Indigenous intermarriage. One thing it is not is racist.

  • Mark Bp

    ORGANISATIONS….For example…Even language teachers are losing their
    jobs, being singled out and bullied out of their jobs, given bad reviews
    and having their careers destroyed because many people in positions of
    authority think that local teachers can teach a foreign language better
    than a Native speaker! Even people within the Department of Education
    are favouring non-native teachers in spite of the fact that many of them
    can hardly speak the target language. Any complaints are disregarded
    and the discrimination goes on with total impunity.. IT IS DISGRACEFUL!
    And very sad. The media should investigate how bad are getting!

  • bobfairlane