Christmas in Australia has always been red, but this year, New South Wales is suffering a red haze due to bushfires ravaging the state, with Sydney now consumed by a hazardous smoke haze. Its farmers are being denied access to water because of the lunacy of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

On the mid-week edition of WilmsFront, from my city of Melbourne, I analyse the political reactions to the NSW tragedies, with much of the social-media rage directed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Normally, this rage comes from the deranged left, but it is now coming from some conservatives.

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Overseas, Democrats, following their star chamber kangaroo court impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump, have now confirmed the articles of impeachment. The next stage is a trial in the Senate.

It’s two days until the UK general election with Brexit still the main issue and the National Health Service emerging as the second most prominent issue. Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have been accused of racism, with the term losing even more meaning.


WF Ep. 13 Our Self-Inflicted Drought

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