We Are Change is an independent citizen-driven news-gathering media organisation, working to expose corruption worldwide. On tonight’s WilmsFront, we introduce the Melbourne Chapter leaders of We Are Change, Jeff O’Toole and Jacqueline Gwynne.

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About We Are Change

We Are Change was founded in 2006 by libertarian activist Luke Rudkowski. It now has chapters all over the world, including four in Australia. Luke himself recently visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean Island, where the pedophile billionaire, believed to be deceased, appeared to be present during a recent drone flyover.

We Are Change Melbourne’s Work

Globalists and elites do not just operate in the United States. Jeff explains his discussions with survivors of satanic ritual sexual abuse in Australia. He has also visited Hillsong Church, whose current leader, Brian Houston, has been in the news due to his friendship with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the church’s history of child sexual abuse.

Jacqueline has worked in the sex industry and now campaigns against it. I ask her how the industry has evolved in the 21st century in the internet age, and what some practical rather than legislative solutions are to cure the new social disorder of pornography addition.

We finish by looking at how citizens’ lives can be turned into a misery when dealing with government services such as Centrelink. We also look at big tech’s attack on alternative media by either shadow-banning, algorithm manipulation or outright deletion.

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