In the west, there has recently been major concern of citizens, even accusations against nationalists of being either agents or assets of the Chinese Communist Party or Russian Government.

On another Friday night double-feature WilmsFront episode, I speak with two local voices in the western and nationalist debate: Alexander Cameron of Carnage House Productions and Riccardo Bosi, founder of the new Australia One political party.

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Alexander Cameron

Alexander Cameron is the eldest of the Carnage House Production brothers. He has just arrived back from study and homestay in China. So has he returned as an agent of the Chinese Communist Party? I interrogate him upon his return to Australia about his view of the pro-Hong Kong democracy protests, the social credit system, the human rights abuses taking place in China and how Australia should approach its future relationship with the People’s Republic of China.

In the second half of our chat, we focus on the influence of the United States deep state. We first look at a force that has been more powerful than the deep state, which is Facebook. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg was before Congress again, this time receiving a grilling from the Democrats over misleading political advertising. Then, mysteriously, a bug infected Facebook right after.

Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has found herself receiving the wrath of the deep state queen, Hillary Clinton, who accused her of being a Russian agent. Trump, even though he is not as non-interventionist as Tulsi, has still had the deep state leaking against him, which has culminated in impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.

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Australian One Party Launch

Riccardo Bosi was the second candidate on the Australian Conservatives NSW Senate ticket at the 2019 federal election. The party received less than 1% of the Senate vote nationwide. Cory Bernardi decided to deregister the party and now sits as an independent in the Senate.

While some former Australian Conservatives members have joined the Liberal Party, Riccardo and other conservatives believe none of the major parties are serving the nation’s interest. Given the problems and failures of various right wing minor parties in the past the key question is why will Australia One succeed where all the others have failed?

Riccardo does seek to provide a fusion with the resurgent conservative and nationalist movements with Australia One. Fighting globalism, defending life, free speech and religion are at the top of the policy agenda for his party.

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