Ep. 9 Fake News, Aussie Jobs, Trump Derangement Syndrome and Political Realignments


This is The Unshackled Waves Podcast Episode 9 featuring a review of the week’s news and events and discussing the latest battles against the enemies of freedom.

This week we discuss how so called fake news from the internet is being blamed for the election of Trump. Bill Shorten’s poor attempt at trying to introduce a Trump like policy of protecting Aussie jobs. How Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing people to abandon any rational analysis of Trump’s policies and actions. Also we look at the emerging political realignment of working class voters switching their traditional support of the left to politicians of the new right such as Trump and Pauline Hanson.

Articles Discussed

Shorten’s Trump-Inspired Foreign Worker Crackdown Misses the Main Issues
The Spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome
This Was the Internet and New Media Election

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