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One of the patriot organisations The Unshackled has covered extensively is the Proud Boys. It was founded in 2016 by alt-media personality Gavin McInnes to be a western fraternal men’s organisation.

The Proud Boys have been the main target of Antifa violence and media slander in the United States. The worldwide fraternity has chapters here in Australia.

The Proud Boys were deplatformed from social media after the Proud Boys in New York were subjected to political persecution after a confrontation with Antifa at the end of 2018.

Gavin McInnes stepped down to protect the Proud Boys who had been charged in New York. The Proud Boys Elders elected as their new Chairman Enrique Tarrio. He’s a Cuban American businessman from Miami, Florida who grew up in Little Havana. He has overseen the Proud Boys’ return to full strength and resumption of political activism on the streets.

Lately, the Proud Boys have held two rallies in the city of Portland, Oregon in an effort to draw attention to the fact that this is where Antifa was formed and where it plans its domestic terror activities. President Trump is now looking into designating Antifa an organisation of terror.

To talk about the return of the Proud Boys, to cut through the fake news and smears against them, and to share what they have planned for the future, Enrique himself is our guest on today’s show.

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