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Antifa violence and terrorism have struck again in the US city of Portland reaching new levels of barbarity. Masked Antifa thugs were counter protesting the annual free speech Patriot prayer rally armed with steel pipes and milkshakes.

They assaulted Quillette journalist Andy Ngo who had to be rushed to hospital with brain bleeding. Two other attendees had visible blooded heads with eight needing treatment for injuries.

Antifa’s violence has been out of control for many years but their behaviour has been enabled and excused by the mainstream media and political establishment because they are noble and antifascists. But it looks like they now finally gone too far in attacking an observing journalist with the backlash against Antifa now going mainstream.

To discuss the fallout from the latest round of Antifa thuggery is a victim of Antifa himself The Unshackled’s own Martin Hartwig who was hospitalized by Brisbane’s Antifa last year outside that city’s Lauren Southern and Stefan Moleyneux speaking event.

We also discuss the just passed Australian TV Week Logie Awards where comedian Tom Gleeson was successful in his troll campaign to win the Gold Logie and trigger the Australian entertainment establishment.


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