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One of the minor parties on the right that was vying for a Senate seat at the just passed federal election was Australian Conservatives founded by former Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi. Despite having a number of high profile well qualified candidates the party was unsuccessful in having any of its candidates elected.

So where to from here not just for Australian Conservatives but the fractured conservative vote in Australia? That is the topic of today’s show with Australian Conservatives NSW Senate candidate Riccardo Bosi. He has had a distinguished military and professional career before becoming politically active and has just published the book: Greatness Awaits You – The Five Pillars of Real Leadership

Riccardo Bosi at Lionheart Australasia
Greatness Awaits You at Wilkinson Publishing
Interview with Carnage House Productions
Riccardo Bosi – Speech at True Blue Crew Rally
Ricardo Bosi Full Speech Outside ‘Their ABC’ HQ

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