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An issue that has become of concern in Australian politics is foreign interference, mainly from the Chinese Government. The ABC’s Four Corners program just aired its third episode on the topic.

But the rise of China is a wider Geo-political phenomenon with the nation and its communist government desiring to expand its influence and power in the wider Asia-Pacific region.

To give us an overview of China’s overall activity and goals my guest is David Lee who runs Australia’s only YouTube channel dedicated to geopolitics with China as a central focus.

We first look at the Chinese presence in Australia, both with economic trade and a growing ethnic Chinese population in Sydney and Melbourne. The Chinese Communist Party back in China is still trying to influence these Chinese-Australians through the media they consume and use them to manipulate Australia’s political class to achieve the Chinese Government’s goals.

We then to turn to the Chinese Government’s wider geopolitical goals, including its desire to control the south east Asian nations around it, to integrate Hong Kong and Taiwan into the Chinese nation and control access to the South China Sea.

We also explore China’s ambitions outside of Asia with it seeking to build relationships with developing African nations and attempts to sign up nations to its infrastructure plan the One Belt One Road initiative.

Returning to the Chinese Government’s policies at home we look at how it aims to control the lives and information flows of its citizens through its control of the internet in China and its big brother surveillance social credit program.

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