The Unshackled Waves Ep. 220 Australian Meditations, Nationalism and History


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Apologies in advance for the less than satisfactory sound quality on this episode. This is made up for by the high quality discussion.

One Australian YouTube channel whose growth has been surging this year is ‘Australian Meditations’. It provides a mixture of current political commentary, archiving of various nationalist videos and news that has been produced over recent years, as well as information on Australian history. I’ve come to know the man behind the channel Stephanos over the past few months. He has attended many nationalist events around Melbourne which I too have attended.

As well as discussing the birth of his ‘Australian Meditations’ channel, he explains why he is a white nationalist and why he believes our founders wanted Australia to be a ‘white country’. I ask him how he reconciles being an Australian white nationalist and being proud of his Greek ethnic heritage.

I also ask him about his strong views against homosexuality – he believes that it should be forbidden by law. I put it to him to justify how you can have laws against private relationships in a free society.

He discusses a campaign he has undertaken against a socialist activist teacher who is encouraging students to engage in left wing activism, and how it is proving to be successful.

We look at the contemporary Australian nationalist movement and the switch in nationalist support from Pauline Hanson to Fraser Anning. Stefanos also emphases the importance of street activism as he has accompanied Neil Erikson on his various public adventures.

The episode ended with Stefanos reflecting on his time as a Melbourne University student, a member of The Liberal Club. He became known for confronting the various socialist activists on campus.

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