The Unshackled takes a strong editorial stance against the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and other public displays of the LGBT lifestyle. Every year on the eve of the Mardi Gras we reaffirm this stance with op-ed’s from our contributors explaining why this event must end.

Australia, like many other western countries, is becoming increasingly sexualised. The traditional norms we once felt obliged to follow are being eroded and replaced.  Sexualisation of society is the public equivalent of the individual man not only tolerating, but taking on a lifestyle concerned only with fulfilling hedonism. 

This is a more serious problem than most are willing to admit in the public space.  It is a problem because it leads to the subversion of the nuclear family and promotes the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases which can prove fatal. 

An oversexualised society creates these problems
due to the culture it manifests within the nation.  From the education system to the
entertainment industry, we see this gross trend that only serves to pollute the
minds of our youth.  These influences
that lead to a culture of sexualisation
are dangerous precisely because they
encourage people to engage in sexual intercourse with others more often,
without commitment and impulsively. 

When the national
culture encourages our new generations to
constantly seek new sexual partners, the result is often accidental
pregnancies (which, when the child is not
aborted, is often raised in a single parent family household due to the
lack of commitment by either the mother or/and father) and the spreading of
sexually transmitted diseases. 

The annual Mardi Gras is an extreme public visual display of how our society is socially degenerating.  The LGBT movement within Australia and across the globe is radically evolving into not just a platform to advocate for ‘equal rights’ for those who are not heteronormative, but for the complete destruction of traditional values surrounding sexual relationships and the deconstruction of the family unit. 

The LGBT movement is only one component to the broader cultural Marxist movement that infests western societies, and the Mardi Gras is just one manifestation of LGBT influence and power. 

The Mardi Gras
should be deconstructed and critically analysed
as our ideological opponents do to us and our sacred cows.  According
to their own website,,
the Mardi Gras ‘was built on the
foundations laid by early community activists who fought for LGBTQI rights in a
time of widespread, institutionalised oppression and discrimination.’  Furthermore, the official website claims that
the Mardi Gras ‘has evolved to include a strong focus on celebration while
maintaining a commitment to social justice for LGBTQI communities.’ 

The reasons given
by the Mardi Gras website for holding the event are
somewhat nullified.  Homosexuality
between consenting adults became legal in
all Australian states in 1997. 
Furthermore, same-sex marriage became legal in Australia by 2017.  Not only is it now legal to have homosexual intercourse, but homosexuals can now get married and even adopt
children or seek medical intervention in order
to have children with the aid of technology and medicine. 

Regardless of your
own opinion concerning these laws, no one can argue homosexuals don’t have equal rights in Australia.  According to the Mardi Gras website, the
Mardi Gras is now a source of celebration while also (ambiguously worded)
‘maintaining a commitment to [LGBT] social justice’. 

While the Left may wish to celebrate their success in the LGBT
movement, the Right also enjoys
celebrating occasions that uplift their ideology, like Australia Day.  However, the way Left wing people celebrate
these LGBT government afforded rights is not reasonable.  Why should this celebration publicly
degenerate society and make it further sexualised? 

Furthermore, with
the increasing power of the LGBT movement, now even having the ability to teach
our school children about their carnal pleasures in detail (the ‘safe schools’
program), what more social justice do they seek?  Australia has afforded homosexuals the equal rights of the
heterosexual.  Thus, it is a scary
thought that in the minds of some Marxists and ‘Progressives’ equal rights are still not good enough.

Political advocacy is different from public exposure.  Why must the LGBT movement advocate for their own sexuality in the most debased manner as they do in Mardi Gras?  Heterosexuals do not hold similar, highly sexualised parades to signal to the public their sexuality. 

Advocates for the Mardi Gras often argue that heterosexuals do not need such highly sexualised parades as heteronormative sexual behaviour is the prevailing paradigm, and thus there is no oppression that straight people have to fight.  While homosexuals do have a right to advocate for political ideals in this democratic realm, why can’t they do so in a publicly respectable manner?

Perhaps the LGBT
movement holds these gay parades in a way that encourages the sexualisation of society on purpose.  As noted previously in this article, the LGBT
movement has a long and often
interrelated history with the cultural Marxist movement. 

Cultural Marxism,
academically often known as ‘critical theory’,
evolved out of the Frankfurt school.  The
Frankfurt school was established in Weimar Germany by left-wing intellectuals who wished to see a radical change in the
way that society was structured.  The
Frankfurt school has produced various academic works, critically deconstructing
the values that Nationalists and Conservatives hold, and often offered perverted and chaotic solutions
that usually mirrored or complimented the political ideology of Marxism in

Within these works, existed ‘solutions’ to the nuclear family and traditional values.  Marxists often perceive such societal norms to be evil and oppressive and offer radical solutions that absolve the individual of most responsibilities and morals. 

A common proposed solution by the cultural Marxists back then to the traditional family structure was to encourage the sexualisation of human beings.  In doing so, they believed open and casual relationships would destroy the traditional family structure in society, and therefore would end the ‘oppressions’ that supposedly come from having a family. 

Cultural Marxists
would prefer people to have no sense of loyalty or duty to others, instead of only having loyalty to oneself.  Many religions call such individualistic
desires evil.  Ironically, a case could be made that Marxism is the ideological
manifestation of man’s own selfish
desires.  Thus, when taking into account
that the LGBT movement has often associated itself with cultural Marxist
groups, it can be better understood why they not only push homosexuality in
events like the Mardi Gras, but use such
events as a justification for the further sexualisation
of society.

conservative Australians must understand that giving countless concessions to these ‘progressive’ movements will not
calm them down.  Instead, giving in to
the demands of the vocal minority radical Left has only awarded these radicals
more social capital and power to achieve
their final objective; a complete Marxist
country (perhaps not in an economic sense, but most definitely in a social and
cultural sense). 

Australians must imbue themselves with a revolutionary spirit like the Marxists have.  We must regain a sense of mission, with a
clear end goal in mind.  We must cease
the endless reactions to the Left, and instead ACT
so that the Left have to react to us. 
Instead of the endless cowering
and apologising, we should regain a sense
of self determination and strength.  The Left should feel the need to apologise to us.

 Not only should we fight to ban or at the least
severely criticise
the Mardi Gras, but we should offer society an attractive alternative.  Instead of a parade celebrating the sexualisation and degeneration of traditional society, we should offer festivals and events that highlight our national unity, love
of country and commitment to tradition. 

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