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A new friend we’ve made in the alt-media community over the past few months is Daniel Wagner who runs the YouTube channel and blog Unframe of Mind. Based in the United States he discusses sociopolitical events and philosophical ideas with the tagline uncomfortable conversations without a condom. He also now hosts the segment Untriggered on the Rational Rise channel. After appearing on one of his livestreams last year I invited Daniel on today to properly introduce him.

We begin asking him about the aim of channel and how he balances being a family man with his media projects. We explore his belief in anarchism, how his idea of an anarchist society is different from the left’s, and how he responds to the critiques of how an anarchist society could operate. Daniel explains how US democracy is broken and how there are barriers to you casting your vote and it being counted correctly.

We debate what it means to be an atheist and how we counter religious arguments about the nature of the world and universe. Daniel also describes the experience of putting his atheism to the test against his religious friend James Fox Higgins in a debate moderated by Dia Beltran and how he rated his performance.

We look at what is fake news and how you can identify it, and how it has become more prevalent in the Trump era. We look at the Trump effect and how Daniel views it from an anarchist perspective. We finish by looking at the forgotten crisis in the United States which is its now $23 trillion federal government debt.

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