The Unshackled Waves Ep. 212 Cuckservatives on St Kilda and Antifa Exposed


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A week since the Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach over African Crime in Melbourne took place the left, the political establishment and mainstream media’s lies, misreporting and hysteria have been on stark display.

Meeting organiser Neil Erikson and speaker Blair Cottrell are reffered to as convicted criminal neo-Nazis in countless articles. Senator Fraser Anning has been abused in every interview he has given to the mainstream media when defending his presence at the meeting.

Anning has also been attacked by cuckservative commentators who have asked how could he possibly attend an event organised by far-right extremists, so called nationalist politicians Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson have not defended the meeting.

Meanwhile the extreme left Antifa counter protests have been referred to in the media as anti-racism, anti-fascist protestors. Of course if any so called journalist investigated these Antifa socialist aligned protestors they would find these ‘activists’ are violent, revolutionary radicals.

After my rant about cuckservative commentators I then bring in Associate Editor of The Unshackled Lucas Rosas to expose, name and shame the Antifa extremists responsible for the St Kilda counter protests.

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