Post Stalwart Bastion 2018 – Interview With Michael Mahoney


Damien Ferri From The Unshackled – Live Interview With Michael Mahoney Post Stalwart Bastion (3/3/18)

This interview was recorded straight after the Stalwart Bastion 2018 event. It was recorded live at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, Australia (3/3/18). The event aims to protect the Cathedral from any vandalism, and also makes a stand against the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Michael is an atheist that has a great respect for what Christianity has done for western civilisation. This interview covered a whole range of issues: from the Stalwart Bastion event itself, to the indoctrination programs in our schools, the downfall of society in the last 50 years, and politics on a national and global scale.

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