Australia has joined in with the UK with demonstrations being organised in our capital cities in support of Tommy Robinson who was arrested days ago for “Disturbing the Peace.”

The Unshackled team attended the Melbourne rally earlier today, organised by the liberty alliance with the main speaker being non-other than Avi Yemini. For a Monday afternoon, the attendance was very impressive. Those who have seen our livestream will see that the area outside of the British Consulate was covered, with people spilling out onto the tram stop across the road.

Avi spoke with fire, he got the crowd chanting Tommy’s name. There were many signs on display stating “Free Tommy,” or “We are Tommy.” It was great to see.

We got the chance to speak to a few of the crowd members, which you can also see on the livestream and the general consensus was clear. People are worried about the UK and they are worried about what will happen in Australia if we keep going down the same road. The UK has 12 Muslim Peers  in the House of Lords and roughly 1700 mosques built. That’s a lot of mosques. Australia has about 340 with ongoing campaigns to build more and more. Ed Husic, our first Muslim MP was sworn in by the Quran.

People are worried that if we keep catering to Muslim immigrants they will keep asking for more just like in the UK and Germany where they have their own schools and police forces. They have now graduated to having laws changed to arrest people who speak out against their ideology, people like Tommy.

There was little to no leftist presence today. One passer by yelled “he’s a racist,” another man yelled “free Palestine” in response to the chant “Free Tommy,” a poor effort there.

Once again, a tragedy perpetrated by a corrupt western government has proven that has proven the unity of the right. The unity of those who want to fight for freedom of speech and expression, freedom of the press. Around the world the masses are proving that Tommy Robinson is not alone. We hope that he stays safe during his time in prison and that it only increases his popularity which will allow him to continue the fight against this violent foreign ideology and the political left.

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