Conspiracy theories claim Hillary sent hand signals to Lester Holt


Conspiracy theories, real or fake, are abound after the first US Presidential Debate, as expected after a controversial presidential debate. One of them involves allegations that Hillary was sending hand signals to Lester Holt in order to communicate, and thus manipulate, the direction of the debate. And so, four videos have already been uploaded to YouTube explaining this phenomenon, where Hillary touches the side of her nose and makes peculiar eye contact with Holt. It is already clear to many people that Lester was focusing too much on Trump’s “mean things”, such as his comments regarding Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s eating habits, instead of examining the real issues, and hardly paying attention to Clinton’s controversies. But do these videos make any legitimate arguments?

The original video (below), uploaded by “Unraveling the Matrix”, claims that Lester was “intimidated” by the Clinton side in order to steer the debate in her favour. Apparently, Hillary touched the side of her nose 6 times to communicate with Lester. The first occasion, according to the video, involves Clinton wanting to change the subject to Trump’s income taxes after the latter criticises the state of the country’s economy and infrastructure. This is followed by Trump’s comments supporting “stop-and-frisk”, after which apparently Hillary signals Holt to place her in the limelight and wrongly accusing Trump of painting a negative image of the country’s “black community”. But as we know, mentioning the  prevalence of violence in the black community is racist and constitutes hate speech.

However, the video makes a very remarkable claim when Donald vehemently expressed his opposition to the Iraq War, which we already evaluated as partially correct in our Truth Meter. He mentions his interview with Sean Hannity where he opposed the Iraq War, which is followed by Hillary’s nose-touching ritual, which is in turn followed by what the video claims to be a smile of victory after Lester interrupts Trump. The video claims that Hillary is signaling “Good puppy” to Lester through her smile. Now, this could be anything, such as simply being happy at her opponent getting the battering, which is natural after all.

The video even criticises Hillary using her experience to come back at Donald’s comments regarding “stamina”, which was made right after she “signals” Holt. I have to admit that Clinton did have a point there by talking about her experience traveling to “112” countries when it comes to foreign policy.

One of the videos, uploaded by YouTuber “Barry Soetoro”, claimed that the original video making these claims was being “scrubbed” from YouTube. He hurriedly asks his viewers to watch the original video, as described earlier, in order to receive the information. Just saying, the original video is still available and a link is given down below.

These videos do seem far fetched. I mean, a video by “BuzzNews” shows what looks like Hillary pressing the surface of the table and moving her fingers in a strange fashion. Let’s consider the possibilities: it could be a hidden button to signal Lester, or it could simply be involuntary hand movements brought about by nerves. The video’s description states that Scratching one’s face is one of the oldest signals in the book”. However, I will admit that anything is possible. I mean Hillary, being who she is, wouldn’t surprise me if she did collude with Lester. Let’s face it. We all know what she said in her emails.

I personally find the videos to be more effective in exposing the unfair treatment of Trump by Lester rather than spreading conspiracies. The moderator focused on birtherism, Trump’s taxes, and the like, while excluding Hillary’s email scandal, her Benghazi controversy, and many other allegations she face. If Lester pressed Trump about his opposition to the Iraq War, why didn’t he reciprocate this by pressing Clinton about Wikileaks exposing many of her emails that clearly show her contributions o the expansion of ISIS? This is exactly why many Americans do not trust the mainstream media. The conspiracy theories may be far fetched, but one thing is clear: the heavily biased mainstream media does great injustice to the the world by misleading humanity and avoiding a balanced representation of information.

The remaining 3 videos, for your convenience:

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