Trump is a Cis, White, Heterosexual Male and That is NOT OK

Reports have confirmed that Donald Trump is a cisgendered, white, heterosexual male who has a passionate and natural attraction towards women.


Reports have confirmed that Donald Trump is a cisgendered, white, heterosexual male who has a passionate and natural attraction towards women. In what is to be the revelation of the decade, this news has sparked outrage across the media with news analysis and commentary on a leaked video of Trump suggesting sexual advances on women.

Many humans are now offended and triggered by Trump’s words, and the television screen is taken up by commentators, predominantly women, screaming at the top of their lungs on how offensive Trump really is.

Give me a moment.

We had Wikileaks release a batch of emails titled “the Podesta Emails”, centred on Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta, which shows Hillary calling herself “far removed” from the American people, and calls some “low social capital” Americans a “bucket of losers”. But what does the mainstream media focus on? This. Standard locker room language. Apparently it’s “sexual assault” to want to have sex with another person. Because nobody on Earth uses this sort of language. Nobody, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, thinks or says “lewd” remarks when they notice a very attractive person on the street. 

“But Trump wanted to make sexual advances on random people” they say. But the thing is, he didn’t. Countless people, men, women, and gays, make lewd sexual remarks all the time. And that is only natural. Yes it may not be refined, but it is definitely normal.

But it’s now a crime to be normal. It’s a crime to be sexually attracted and have sexual desires. This is what that regressive left has given us. A politically correct society that has rejected nature in order to prevent people from being offended. It’s now ghastly for a male to have a passion for women. It’s now ghastly to be natural. 

In fact political correctness has gone so far as to allow Wikileaks’ Podesta Emails to go unnoticed. In a world ruled by logic and rational thought, we would expect outrage on the real issues, such as Hillary pretending to oppose Wall Street but her leaked speeches TO Wall Street showing her warm solidarity with the financial titans. We would expect the media to reveal the inconsistencies between a pro-LGBT Hillary and a Hillary who accepts donations from countries that behead gays.

This is a pathetic example of how degenerate Western society has become. One person’s lewd remarks are now a more important issue compared to the other person’s crimes against humanity. The contents of Trump’s leaked video are more important than:

  • Hillary’s favourable attitude towards Wall Street despite her opposition to the financial giants during her campaigns
  • Hillary’s direct role in the foundation and growth of ISIS and the current state of the Middle East
  • Hillary’s willingness to accept donations from countries that systematically suppress women and kill and torture gays, two social groups she pretends to support
  • Hillary’s constant lies
  • And the list goes on

The mainstream media has foresaken us. They would rather focus on a non-issue and deface a man for being a human being, and ignore all the actions committed by Hillary. The fact that a raging heterosexual man has a natural attraction to women now requires analysis, while leaked emails showing one woman’s political scandals are ignored. This is hardly surprising considering how media giants donated money to the Democrats. But it doesn’t matter. People are frustrated with this politically correct society where the important issues are suppressed and one man’s words cause such noise. If anything, this outrage will make Trump stronger.

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