Culturally Marxist gender theory threatens marriage and heritage


Pope Francis has denounced gender theory as a “great enemy to marriage”, and to society in general. The Pope emphasised the dangers posed by radical gender theory promoted by the left wing during a speech in the nation of Georgia. He expressed his concerns regarding the vulnerability of tradition and heritage in a new age characterised by “ideological colonisations that destroy, not with weapons, but with ideas”. This was in response to a woman, named Irina, who brought to light the dangerous capabilities of social engineering tactics used by the left, of which includes the highly controversial and relatively new concept of gender theory.

The Pope described this age as marred by a “world war to destroy marriage”. He could not be more accurate. The institution of marriage is already being manipulated, both politically and socially, in order to benefit a minority. LGBT groups are laying claim to marriage by aggressively fighting for inclusion within this institution, in an act akin to theft. They seldom realise that, by fighting for same sex marriage, they are laying waste to Western tradition and heritage. This is exacerbated by the fact that political parties are leveraging on marriage by using it for their own political purposes. The Australian Labor Party, for example, is leading this effort by using marriage in its election promises, portraying their ignorance towards the sacred nature of this institution by manipulating it to their own advantage.

The Western world is founded upon Christian values and traditions. Expecting society to adjust these values and traditions in order to fit within a particular worldview of a minority should be discouraged. As One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson recently stated, maybe it is for the best for those who expect such social adjustments to move to a region where same sex marriages are legal. Attempting to re-adjust an institution and diminish its exclusivity is a blatant attack on heritage.

This is not an effort to unethically marginalise or suppress particular groups of people. This is an effort to make it clear that marriage has a specific definition that cannot be changed in a culturally Marxist fashion. One wouldn’t go to a traditional Native American community and demand that community to stop believing in the concept of two-spirit people just because one believes in only two genders. Similarly, it is not an individual’s place to demand a change in the definition of marriage from Western governments and expect society to adhere to this legal definition because this is an attack on the founding values and beliefs of the West.

Pope Francis’ statements complement the scientific evidence revealed by the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) that make clear the harmful nature of gender theory. In an effort to prevent the normalisation of the “chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex”, the organisation has highlighted sex as a genetic component that cannot be replaced. “No one is born with a gender,” says the ACP, “Everyone is born with a biological sex”.

The ACP warns against the use of puberty-blocking procedures, and highlights the role of puberty as a natural process that should not be played with. This is supplemented by research conducted by the ACP, which has revealed that 98% and 88% of gender-questioning boys and girls, respectively, ultimately accept their biological gender after puberty. The organisation has also labelled it “child abuse” to condition children into thinking that a chemical or surgical gender transition will lead to happiness. This is not to say that such procedures should be illegal for adults. It is more of a case where these procedures should not be encouraged by the government. It must also be made clear that gender dysphoria is a traumatic experience, and individuals should not be stopped from their decision to transition. The problem specifically lies within the recent encouragement of children to change their gender as soon as possible.

In Australia, radical gender theory is promoted by the government approved ‘Safe Schools’ program which is dangerously unsafe. It promotes the belief that gender is fluid and any form of gendered language or assuming a person’s gender should be abolished. This has the potential to confuse children about their identity when they should be just able able live their childhood and learn about life’s complications when they are more mature. The founder of the program Roz Ward is a Marxist and has admitted she wants to use the problem to radically social reengineer society. Her latest push is to have gender neutral bathroom is schools which could threaten the safety of many children. This further brings to light the importance of preventing cultural Marxism from wreaking havoc.
Pope Francis’ words hold great relevance in today’s society. It is important to protect an important social institution from being manipulated or tossed around in a semantical debate. In the Western world, marriage has one definition, albeit the schism this creates. However, this schism between conservatives and progressives can be solved by taking the government out of marriage altogether. That way, no individual is forced to accept a legal definition they do not agree with. Furthermore, this will allow society to uphold is traditions and heritage without progressive governments continuing this “world war to destroy marriage”.

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