Trad Tasman Talk returns for the first show of 2022. NZ’s First Dude Clarke Gayford is in the spotlight for attempting to secure RATs for his mates. Labour darlings easily secure scarce MIQ spots. Republican chatter erupts as Prince Andrew faces a lawsuit. Join Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer.

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Jacinda Ardern’s fiance Clarke Gayford tried to use his position as the first dude to obtain rapid tests for his Musician mates from a local pharmacy claiming there had been a change in policy. Currently in NZ RATs can only be accessed from pharmacies if you are traveling outside of Auckland. Close contacts and symptomatic kiwis can still only get a PCR test to find out if they have covid.

Hillsong Church has escaped a fine for outdoor singing and dancing at its youth camp in Newcastle as there was a loophole in NSW public health orders. Some twitter conspiracy theorists believe this occurred because Scott Morrison is friends with former Hillsong leader Brian Houston and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is a member. Scott Morrison recently warned Australians not to hold Omicron parties as re-infection is possible with the variant.

NZ still maintains its MIQ system for returning Kiwis where they must complete 7 days of hotel quarantine then 7 days of home isolation. The so-called MIQ lottery has seen a Labour MP returning from the Netherlands gain a spot as well as musician Lorde who will be performing at Jacinda and Clarke’s wedding. The NZ summer has seen more shark sightings, beach drownings, and road fatalities. The local Coast Guard has said praying to demons will keep swimmers safe.

The current chair of the Australian Republican Movement Peter FitzSimons released a new proposed Republic model where state and federal parliaments would nominate 11 candidates to weed out ‘unsuitable candidates’ which the Australian public would then vote. The Godfather of Australian Republicanism former Prime Minister Paul Keating has blasted this new model believing it would lead to a US-style presidency.

The fallout from the Old Parliament House fire caused by an Aboriginal smoking ceremony on December 30 has continued with four people now arrested and charged. The Aboriginal activists present on the day of the fire are linked to the Original Sovereigns groups which are part of the larger pro-freedom and anti-vaccine mandate movement. They have been condemned by the leadership of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy who claim the Original Sovereigns have no legitimacy to represent Aboriginal tribal people. A new term has been created against the freedom movement’s aboriginal rights advocacy: blackfishing.

Dieuwe finishes the show by going through the latest fear from the globalist World Economic Forum that post-covid there will be less social cohesion amongst the human populations. This would obviously threaten the globalists’ power and is not one of the desired effects they hoped the pandemic would result in as part of their great reset.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.