Australia will be deep diving with nuclear-powered submarines as part of the new AUKUS Alliance. It does not include New Zealand with Jacinda Ardern banning the new subs from her waters. That plus further attacks on free speech and the latest lockdown news on Trad Tasman Talk with Tim and Stephen.

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Premier Dan Andrews announced some modest freedoms for Victorian for the weekend doubling the permitted time outdoors per day to 4 hours, expanding the travel radius to 10km, and allowing small picnics but alcohol will still not be allowed to be consumed. These freedom treat rewards were granted because 70% of eligible Victorians have received the first dose of a vaccine. New daily covid cases are continuing to rise in Victoria due to clusters at construction sites.

Dan Andrews has been too scared to shut the industry during lockdowns because of the power of CFMEU state Secretary John Setka. Construction workers today staged a smoko protest having their lunch break on the street to protest the closure of their tea rooms and that workers must receive one dose of the vaccine in a week’s time.

Victoria Police will shut down the CBD on Saturday to prevent thousands from gathering for the latest Freedom Day protest like occurred during the last two freedom protests. Public transport will not enter the CBD for 6 hours and all vehicles into the city will be stopped. Police Commissioner Shane Patton announced this week that Victoria Police would establish two covid commands to be in place until the end of 2022 to enforce health mandates.

Auckland is now in its fifth week of its alert level 4 lockdown to crush the nation’s Delta outbreak. New Zealand’s alert level 4 sees even takeaway closed and the growing number of lockdown breaches included a man who left Auckland for a Maccas run. The lockdown has increased Jacinda Ardern’s popularity while National Party Opposition Leader Judith Collins looks like she might face a challenge soon.

A new AUKUS Alliance was announced by Scott Morrison, Joe Biden, and Boris Johnson as a second cold war is confirmed in the Pacific region as Communist China continues to flex its military muscle, influence, and interference in the region. Australia will also dump its $90 billion diesel-powered submarine contract with France in favor of superior nuclear power subs from the United States. Jacinda Ardern stated the nuclear subs will not be allowed in New Zealand waters, the nation is absent from the new alliance given its dependent relationship with Communist China.

The High Court of Australia recently ruled that publishers of social media pages are liable for comments published under their posts, not the social media companies themselves. The Victorian Government plans to make it unlawful for religious schools to dismiss or not hire LGBT teachers and staff. Queensland has become the fifth state in Australia to legalize euthanasia.

Last week the Morrison Government held a Women’s Safety Summit which again gave oxygen to feminist activists who used to platform to criticize his government again. This feminist campaign has been led by Australian of the Year Grace Tame, who this week criticized the appointment of Lorriane Finlay as a Human Rights Commissioner for not supporting affirmative consent laws. Former Liberal staffer Britney Higgins has also joined Grace Tame in criticizing the Morrison Government’s so-called inaction on women’s issues. The man accused of raping Higgins Bruce Lehrmann has pled not guilty

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.