Australia recorded a 5.1% inflation rate over the past year thanks Lowe interest rates of 0.1%. The rising cost of living is at the center of the federal election campaign. NZ is already besieged by rising inflation and is now experiencing rising crime. Tim and Stephen break it all down on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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In the Australian federal election campaign as Labor leader Anthony Albanese emerges from covid isolation his Deputy Richard Marles has tested positive. The High Court of New Zealand this week ruled that Jacinda Ardern’s MIQ lottery was unlawful in how it was conducted.

Australia’s inflation rate was revealed to be 5.1% for the past year meaning the Reserve Bank MUST raise interest rates next week. As well as increased food prices empty shelves are returning to supermarkets. In response, the mainstream media is again promoting eating bugs as a meat substitute to fight climate change. Prince Charles has proposed cows wear masks to prevent their farts from increasing emissions. In NZ companies are finding creative ways to hide the full impact of inflation from their customers.

Dan Andrews is passing through the Victorian Parliament The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 which will give authorized officers powers to confuscate and destroy food grown and farmed in the state in the name of ‘biosecurity’. A leaked draft report from Victoria’s IBAC into Labor party branch stacking has found that cultural failings within Victorian Labor were systemic and had been condoned or even encouraged by party leaders for many years.

Border security and the Solomon Islands security pact with China continue to be the biggest national security issues in the campaign. The Teal independent campaigns against inner-city Liberal MPs are intensifying. Many campaign signs have been vandalized around Victorian electorates.

More Major party candidates’ previous social media posts are being reported by the mainstream media. The Liberal candidate for Hindmarsh in inner Adeliade Anna Finizio has suggested defunding the police and also criticized the Coalition’s asylum-seeker offshore processing policies. Jadon Atkinson the Liberal for Cooper in inner Melbourne supported Fraser Anning at the 2019 federal election. One of Warringah Liberal candidate Katherine Deves’ last social media posts was an old photo of her attending Sydney’s Gay and Lesbain Mardi Gras. Also, the Liberal candidate for the Melbourne suburban seat of Isaacs Robbie Beaton has admitted listing a false address on his candidate nomination form.

Youth crime is on the rise in NZ with ram raids into shops. Police Minister Poto Williams has called for a community response rather than a policing one. Shopkeepers are resorting to arming themselves to defend their businesses. A Queenstown bartender has been cleared of any wrongdoing by a court for his citizens’ arrest of an angry and aggressive patron. Convicted pedophile former NZ businessman Wayne Smith lost a bid in the High Court for name suppression.

In media news, Alan Jones returns from four back operations to host his Australian Digital Holdings online show for the final 3 weeks of the federal election. Alan Jones was fired from Sky News Australia last year to make way for Piers Morgan’s new global show which launched this week.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.