Tim Wilms


TNE 126 Australia is Back

By Tim Wilms | October 16, 2023

Australia is back. The Aboriginal separatist voice was voted down. This is MAGA Country. Join…


TNE 125 Flags and Lands

By Tim Wilms | October 9, 2023

As the Final Countdown to the Aboriginal Voice Referendum Day approaches Lidia Thorpe has a…


WF Ep. 181 Voice Grand Finale Week with Anthony Dillon

By Tim Wilms | October 8, 2023

As we enter the Grand Finale Week of the Australian Aboriginal Voice Referendum my WilmsFront…


TNE 124 Floods of Violence

By Tim Wilms | October 2, 2023

Illegals continue to flood over the US & UK border while Sweden vows to deport…


TNE 123 White Voice?

By Tim Wilms | September 25, 2023

No to the Voice rallies have taken place Australia-wide with Mebourne’s Nazis unfurling banner Voice…


TNE 122 Convenient Narratives

By Tim Wilms | September 18, 2023

Melbourne Antifa’s tall stories of them chasing Nazis and the convenient narrative of the Russel…


TNE 121 Most Criminal City

By Tim Wilms | September 11, 2023

Melbourne is back as one of the most criminal cities with another deadly vehicle attack…


TNE 120 Politics is Illegal

By Tim Wilms | September 4, 2023

Having the wrong politics is vastly becoming illegal with more anti-freedom laws and politically motivated…


TNE 119 Voice Rigging

By Tim Wilms | August 28, 2023

With the AEC stating a tick will be counted as Yes but not a cross…


TNE 118 Triggered Riggers

By Tim Wilms | August 21, 2023

Democrat Riggers have indicted Donald Trump again accusing him of leading a criminal conspiracy in…