Donald Trump has taken steps to defend his political persecuted friend Roger Stone, but not pardoned him. Jordan Peterson is still in rehab for his benzos addition, his legacy on red pilling the masses remains.

These developments form the centrepiece of this week’s Uncuckables show with now the regular Thursday team Tim Wilms Editor in Cheif of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ and James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV.

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Roger Stone was one of several Trump allies entrapped by the Robert Mueller investigation and prosecuted by the FBI, Trump should pardon all of them. With the Democrats primaries turning into a mess coupled with his impeachment acquittal Trump is unleashing his political warrior and fighter of old.

Swedish Airlines released an ad praising diverse Sweden and that there is nothing unique about the ethnic Swedish people. Sweden’s most infamous celebrity climate alarmist Greta Thunberg is having British TV licence payers produce a documentary about her life through the British Broadcasting Corporation.

James was Jordan Peterson aficionado and called him his gateway drug Christianity. He reflects on his discovery through Vox Day’s Jordanetics book that Peterson was a fraud, a controlled opposition gatekeeper. Dave discusses when Peter ran away from a question regarding Jewish Bolshvikism in the Holodomor genocide.

The show finishes with an analysis of the Republic of Ireland election which saw republican nationalist party Sinn Fein become the largest party. This coupled with their result in Northern Ireland in the recent UK general election could see a referendum on Irish reunification finally occur.

Businessman Elon Musk has now joined character actor Sacha Baron Cohen in condemning Facebook. The panel debates if only Facebook needs to die or the whole internet?


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