Rat infestations became a major topic of discussion this week. The Uncuckables had a smorgasbord of topics to discuss with Tim Wilms Editor of Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ and James Fox Higgins of the Rational Rise.

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ABC host Leigh Sales became the latest target of political food violence having a tub of yoghurt thrown at her at a speech in Perth. The man responsible was charged with common assault, it seems these other dairy product wielding attackers can’t receive the same support that EggBoy did.

The Proud Boys who acted in self defence against Antifa leaving an event in New York last year are now on trial on politically motivated charges. No Antifa “victims” have come forward so New York authorities are prosecuting crimes with no victims.

The Senate voted against a One Nation motion for the Australian people to have a say on immigration numbers. There is bi-partisan support for even more immigration to prop up the Australian economy.

The Hong Kong-China dispute has continued to spill over into Australia. A protest against the University of Queensland’s Chinese Communist Party supported Confucius Institute took place on its campus Wednesday. In a sign of desperation opponents labelled it a racist and white nationalist rally.

Refugees rallied in Canberra against being on temporary protection and bridging visas. They’ve got quite a nerve coming to Australia illegally then demanding we provide them extra benefits.

Raising the Newstart unemployment benefit has been a topic of debate recently in Australian politics. It was notable this week for now having the support of former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who claimed he was broke raising two families on his 211k salary.

President Trump was accused of being racist again by describing Baltimore as rat infested, this was because black people live in the city. But he was only stating what has been said about the shithole of Baltimore, including by Democrats for the past 20 years.

The Democrat Presidential candidates had another round of debates on CNN. Tulsi Gabbard is easily the best candidate and she destroyed one of the front runners Kamila Harris on her record as a state prosecutor in California. As a result she is called the Russian candidate.

Other news has been actor Mario Lopez apologizing for saying that 3 year olds shouldn’t gender transition. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stating they will only have two children for the sake of the planet.

There has also been more migrant problems in Europe with a young boy pushed in front of train in Germany, a burqa wearning woman abusing gay men marching in LGBT pride in England and LGBT violent hate crimes on the rise in France


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