Girl Power: “What Makes Us Girls” Shows That Real Power Comes From Within


Girls are more than sugar and spice and everything nice. They have an inner power that has been kept chained by society’s overbearing perception that women are the “weaker sex”.

Girls have to go through life believing their self-worth is determined by the dictates and expectations of society. We know that is further from the truth!

There’s a new book in town which is a must read. ‘What Makes Us Girls’ delves on the importance of self-worth in carving your own path in the modern world.


The author’s own experiences as well as the life experiences of real girls were used to depict seven issues that often break one’s self-worth: comparison, rejection, bullying, inauthenticity, purposelessness, betrayal and guilt.

The author, Brittany Pettibone is a young adult fiction writer, YouTuber and conservative political activist. She wrote the book to reach out to girls who have rejected 3rd wave feminism and are currently struggling with purposelessness, authenticity, rejection and lack of self-worth.

Although her target readers are girls, Brittany feels that men may also enjoy reading the book because it will give them a better perspective on how girls think, this day and age.

What makes this book a must read? It revolves around the premise of loving oneself as the key to successful or fruitful relationships with others. With so many issues hounding girls these days, Brittany shows how they can cope with modern day challenges a step at a time.
Let’s hear it from Britney:

“We cannot give what we do not have. So if we do not love ourselves, or even if we are too obsessed with ourselves, how then can we love others?”
She grew up without having too many friends but was able to discover how to form solid female friendships by focusing on loving herself first before stepping out to greet the world.

Right wing political activist, internet personality, writer and documentary film director, Lauren Southern said “Brittany’s book is a wonderful dose of tough love, which reminds us all that a sex that cannot take responsibility for anything, cannot achieve anything. If I ever have a daughter, this book will be on her nightstand.”

This book will give women and girls a good sense of modern day feminism. Brittany’s book cleverly shows how girls with strong self-worth can break pre-conceived notions on gender and win battles using the right weapons.

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