With some of the absurd logic from the social justice movement it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between their actual views and parody. From being obsessed with identity and victim politics, being politically correct, cracking down on so called hate speech and bigotry, and to taking offense at basically everything in 2018, no societal norm or source of entertainment and happiness is safe from their wrath.

While many rational people despair at how effective the social justice warriors have become at changing our society, our laws and killing free speech, it is still worth having a laugh at their distortions and hysterics, just to remain sane. Many web comedians have decided to take on the persona of social justice warriors, the most famous is CopperCab or ClaireCab after their gender transition who used to regularly appear on the Gavin McInnes show parroting social justice views in an exaggerated manner.

Satirical twitter accounts mocking social justice warriors have also gained substantial followings, sometimes even fooling mainstream media who have published their full length op-ed parody believing they were genuine in their viewpoints.

One of the first was Godfrey Elfwick who was able to fool the Guardian into publishing anonymously their op-ed ‘Alt-right online poison nearly turned me into a racist‘ where they claimed that Sam Harris and Milo Yiannopoulos were a gateway to the alt-right. This led to Elfwick posting on Twitter mock Guardian opion pieces which given the real ones it publishes were entirely plausible.

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Sadly in June 2018 the account was deleted by Twitter under its harassment guidelines.

However now a new twitter social justice parody account has emerged to parrot the left’s latest twisted logic and identity politics degeneration. Titania McGrath’s bio describes herself as an Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. They have gained 40k followers since April this year.


Their satire of social justice logic is so close to reality they have been able to hoax the mainstream media, getting a letter published in the New York Times’ Sweet Spot asking ‘How Can I Cure My White Guilt‘?

Here are some of Titania’s most hilarious tweets which also have a degree of sadness since they appear completely believable in 2018.

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Titana’s tweets have not just gone viral on Twitter but on other social media networks being shared by right-leaning and conservative users for a daily laugh and to not take some of the instanity that passes for political discourse too seriously. Titania whoever you are thankyou for amusement and having the skill to fool some people into thinking you are serious. Make sure you follow her/they for some real comedy and satire.

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