Wikileaks: Obama leaking intelligence to NBC before Trump gets to read it.


Early yesterday morning Wikileaks released via Twitter this statement:blank

The Mainstream media has tried to spin this as Wikileak’s hypocrisy, once again ignoring the important part of the story – Obama is leaking top secret intelligence to the press before the President Elect is briefed on it.

This is blatantly sacrificing the national interest for political ends, and petty ones at that. There is no election upcoming, no campaign to hurt, Trump is the president elect and will soon be the President.

White-anting an administration that hasn’t even begun is dirty politics at its most despicable. It brings to light the obvious nature of the relationship between the Democrat Party and the Press. The “lack of scandals” of the Obama administration has not been due to the “grace and class” of the Obamas, but rather by a press that is determined not to do their jobs.

Apparently the allure of that Top Secret gold is too strong to resist for the Democrat shills and government stooges that populate the mainstream media. The thought of carrying out their duty to the body politic takes a backseat to the thought of special access.

In the end the clowns have no one to blame but themselves for their lack of credibly and their languishing ratings.

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