On the evening of Wednesday February 27th in Melbourne, upon the completion of a hard days work I now had something to look forward on my hump day, the pleasure of listening to what is probably one of the most eminent speakers of our time; the benevolent Dr Jordan Peterson.

He is a trailblazer and does not just sound off one liners in the hopes one of his revolutionary platitudes will somehow resonate with his audience; there is structure and foresight & insight and some sense of equilibrium to his words and philosophy.

I managed to avoid any of the moronic leftists outside who have decided to protest his Australian tour. One could not help notice them circling the Melbourne Convention Centre. It was a beautiful day for a walk and to obtain some exercise. So I hope the protestors enjoyed the sunshine.

Why did I go see Jordan Peterson? Well I cannot claim to be a die-hard fan that reads his scientific papers and watches his video lectures, but like most in the alt-media space I came to know Jordan Peterson when he was needlessly villainized for his issues with compelled speech in Canada.

Compelled speech seems the way of the future and I for one find it absurd that a government, could impose upon me a legislation that would have me suspend reality and lie to myself and the individual I am addressing simply for the case of ‘feelings’.

It is with this basic understanding of common sense and biology that was the infancy of my journey with Jordan Peterson as the way he articulates himself on this subject and many others I find to be refreshing.

He has also become known for his viral smackdowns of feminist journalists who try to trip him up. Case in point Channel 4 UK’s Cathy Newman where he stated “…in order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive”. Boom! That put him on the map and left Newman speechless.

His Australian tour has been notable for his appearance on the ABC’s flagship discussion program Q&A which saw up go up against two feminists, a transgender, the host Tony Jones and surprise video appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Fast forward and here I found myself seated with a collective who were seeking to absorb life altering assertions articulated by someone who has garnered the respect of many from around the world.

It was such an honour to be his presence and the ambience was one of great respect and adulation. He spoke from around 8pm -10:15pm an array of different life coaching topics, preached his philosophical doctrine of personal responsibility, much of which has psychiatric relevance and is backed up by studies.

One of his comments was that if you write
down a life plan or a goal for something you desire then the simple act of
putting a pen to paper increases our success rate of 10% just by that task
alone. As I paid over $200 for my admission I will not give away his secrets.
Just be sure that there was nothing worth protesting and he only seeks to
reveal truths and improve ones life for the better.

It was a grand introduction to Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life.

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