One in 10 children sexually abused; I am that one in 10. 30-90% of pedophiles re-offend after their first offence and of the half that are convicted, the average sentence is six months.

My Story

The pedophile who groomed and raped me got off with a year behind bars. I was not his only victim; he had raped others much younger than I was (14) and was involved in the child pornography trade. How is a one-year sentence justice? He gets to walk free on the streets, and I carry the eternal shame and guilt of what happened to me, without recourse.

I’m not the only one; more than 1.5 million Australians have been victims of pedophiles. People talk about a rape crisis; how about a child rape crisis, where 10% of our child population are victims of sexual abuse?

Something needs to change, which is why I will be initiating a petition to the Government to install capital punishment for pedophiles convicted beyond reasonable doubt.

The Trauma of Pedophilia

But what makes pedophilia and the sexual abuse of children so bad? How does this warrant such a significant punishment? Let me tell you how.

Children and minors are in a state of rapid mental development; they are emotionally and physically the most vulnerable at this stage in their life.

They are learning right from wrong, discovering their own identities and constructing mental pathways that will shape the way they act and think for the rest of their lives.

Our children barely have the capacity to make meaningful decisions that are fully thought out, they are incapable of informed consent and have an unprecedented level of innocence in the eyes of God.

When pedophiles take advantage of children or minors, they shove a spear in their mental development, they rob them of their innocence, and tattoo on them they eternal shame of being rape or molested. No one who has been the victim of sexual abuse as a child or minor is ever the same.

The way the victims approach life and others with such caution is deeply tragic. Many face depression that will barely go away with time. To be bruised mentally in such a way leaves one with scars they will carry for life.

A lucky few, such as myself, manage to recover. In my case, God was instrumental. For the unlucky, distrust in people and hate for men or people who carry the traits of their assailants haunt them wherever they go.

What Must Be Done

What I advocate is a method to cut out this cancer at its root. No sentence will ever be enough to recover the innocence of a 12-year-old girl who was alone and bullied, turned to social media and met a predator who took advantage of her situation to groom and damage her body and soul. The death penalty won’t give her a sense of justice. What it will do is serve as the greatest deterrent possible, so that no one else has to lose their innocence as she did. 

But there are now renewed movements to legalise pedophilia. People out there want pedophilia to be accepted as normal. By executing pedophiles, we will ensure that this never happens. We will ensure that  repeat offences never occur and that this disgusting practise never becomes normalised. When a cell gets cancer, one does not try to rehabilitate it, one utterly destroys in and cuts it out before it can infect other cells.

Is a one-year sentence really all we can do? We the people are the government. In this democracy, you have a say. This is why I have launched a petition to the Federal Government, to reinstate capital punishment for convicted pedophiles. This will serve as a barrier to its normalisation, and make vile criminals think twice about taking away the innocence of society’s most vulnerable.

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