Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance State F**k Everything About Australia

The organizer of the Australia Day protest in Melbourne Tarneen Onus-Williams has come under intense criticism for her expletive ridden anti-Australia tirade on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament where she said “F**k Australia, hope it f***ing burns to the ground”. Also when the protest made its way down the Australia Day parade she abused those watching on who were carrying Australia flags.

There are now calls for her to be removed from as a representative from state government-funded Koorie Youth Council. She has widely been viewed as a hypocrite for wanting to destroy Australia yet happily accepting the tax money of the working white man.

Onus-Williams has not dealt with public scrunity both before and after her comments very well. When she was questioned about her conflict of interest being involved Koorie Youth Council and the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance by 3AW’s Neil Mitchell she refused to answer, cited free speech (though she would probably support 18C) and then accused Neil of being a racist.

She has claimed her remarks were “not actually a statement to be taken literally” and that she was entitled to use such language telling the Herald Sun “Yes, some people use that language but it’s nothing compared to the way Aboriginal people have been treated”.

Now the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance have doubled down on Onus-Williams’ remarks with a vile social media post which in summary says f**k everything about Australia.

The message from far-left Aboriginal activists is getting more extreme by the day. It went from change the date to abolish the date, now it is abolish Australia altogether.

It should be highlighted that despite their desire to destroy everything that has to do with white settlement from Australia they are happy to utilize the inventions, infrastructure, technology, science and wealth created by white people to achieve this which would never have existed on this continent otherwise.

The Unshackled observed attendees at the Invasion Day protest drinking 7-Eleven Slurpees while listening to the speeches, a symbol of the white western capitalism they claim to hate.

The violent rhetoric and borderline incitement to terrorism from Tarneen Onus-Williams and the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance is the end result of Labor, the Greens and the mainstream media assisting and enabling the attacks on Australia Day this year, which in the end was celebrated by most Australians. One hopes more rational heads in those organizations can take a step back and release what extremism they have given national prominence.

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