UK Police Launch Campaign Against Right Wing Youth Radicalisation


Theresa May claimed that after the Finsbury Mosque revenge terror attack that Islamophobia was a form of extremism. It would appear that this statement has filtered down to the UK authorities as they are now launching counter-radicalisation programs aimed at stopping the youth engaging in right-wing activism.

In what is probably the most bizarre public awareness campaign ever launched by a police authority in any Western nation, the Bedfordshire Police have launched a simulation website which pulls data from your Twitter account (and maybe helps the police spy on you) to show how anyone can become a violent right-wing extremist.

Apparently, the gateway action is sharing a story on Twitter highlighting youth unemployment, apparently it is racist and shows you are a white supremacist if you care that young people are having difficulty finding work.

Then you become interested in attending a combat class at your local gym called ‘Justice Fighters’. Then after the class you are contact on Twitter by a new friend who runs a group called ‘Youth Action’ who wants to invite you out and you are asked to make a decision.


Then after they share some innocent videos with you they ask you if you want to attend a Youth Action rally and you must make another decision. After you are at this big rally you are invited out to another rally and asked to make a decision.


This rally is at night and is made to look to sinister, next thing you know you and your new friends are violently beating up a member of a minority group which ends up killing them.


Then the next day you are reported in the news as the prime suspect in this hate murder and you receive a heap of abusive messages from old friends telling you how disgusted they are with you.


Then the simulation ends with a warning about how radicalisers encourage others to adopt extremist views and hate on those who are different. Then it says it is never okay to target someone because of their personal characteristics which apparently includes religion (even though following a religion is a choice). It finishes bringing up the statistics on hate crimes and to make sure you don’t #crosstheline.

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So apparently, it’s that easy for young people to start supporting right-wing movements then turn into violent murderers. It is clear that this simulator is designed to discourage young people from engaging in any right-wing activism period. The whole simulation has sinister music playing throughout and has all the hallmarks of the anti-drinking or anti-drug campaigns that governments over the years have produced.

It is also just a coincidence that Bedfordshire Police are the police force who recently arrested UK anti-Islam activist and Rebel Media correspondent Tommy Robinson for allegedly being in concept of court for reporting outside the Canterbury Crown Court to cover the trail of yet another Muslim rape gang.

Yes, the real problem must be people like Tommy Robinson and one right wing revenge terror attack means the security threat from them and the Islamic community is equal. Nevermind that there have already been three major terrorist attacks in the UK this year, all of which were deadly. Nevermind that there are hundreds of returned ISIS fighters living in the UK, that many suburbs in the UK have sharia courts, the rampant Muslim rape gangs, not to mention the way Muslims treat other minorities.

These right wing political movements are the only thing that will save the UK from the barbarism from Islam, yet the authorities protect Islam no matter how many atrocities are committed in its name, and persecute those trying to preserve freedom and liberty in their country. This insulting simulation from the Bedfordshire Police is most likely just the beginning of these counter radicalisation programs in the UK targeting right wing youth.

One wonders if we will see them in Australia sometime soon? Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has his anti-racism police force, he would think a simulation program like this is a great idea. This is another reminder of what we are up against in trying to save our nations from Islamisation and one wonders how much more totalitarian governments will become in dealing with right wing activists.

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