It has been hectic during the last few months, and our awards season has come to an end! The Australian of the Year Awards were announced today, and the Unshackler Awards will be announced now! We thank all our voters for letting us know which individuals, events, and policies defined last year. From heroes of the Western world to triggered lefties, we have them all right here. Let’s take a look at who the winners are:

2016 Australian Regressive of the Year

   1. Waleed Aly 2. Andrew O’Keefe 3. Daniel Andrews


Waleed Aly won the 2016 Australian Regressive of the Year Award. Just like Andrew O’Keefe, Waleed displayed a very sympathetic attitude towards Islam, despite it being a violent religion. Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria who wants to condition our children with radical gender theory, came in third.

  1. Waleed Aly (42%) 
  2. Andrew O’Keefe (16%) 
  3. Daniel Andrews (10%)
  4. Gillian Triggs (9%)
  5. Roz Ward (8%)
  6. David Morrison (8%)
  7. Cindy Prior (3%)
  8. Rod Bower (2%)
  9. Anne Aly (1%)
  10. Larissa Waters (1%)

2016 Australian Patriot of the Year 

     1. Blair Cottrell 2. Pauline Hanson 3. Dan Evans


Aussie favourite Blair Cottrell won this award for his services to the right wing. He has been brave in speaking out against the left and cultural Marxism. Pauline Hanson, leader of One Nation, took second place for her support of stronger borders and action against political correctness. Dan Evans took out third place for the hard work he has contributed to the patriot movement.

  1. Blair Cottrell (31%)
  2. Pauline Hanson (28%)
  3. Dan Evans (10%)
  4. Sonia Kruger (8%)
  5. David Lyonhelm (7%)
  6. Rita Panahi (5%)
  7. Mark Latham (4%)
  8. Dick Smith (4%)
  9. Ross Cameron (2%)
  10. Bob Katter (2%)

2016 International Unshackler of the Year 

   1. Donald Trump 2. Nigel Farage 3. Pauline Hanson


Donald Trump has been named Unshackler of the Year, for helping the entire population of the United States during this time of turmoil and left-wing totalitarianism. Nigel Farage came in second for his role in bringing forth Brexit, and of course Pauline Hanson took third place for her contribution to Australia.

  1. Donald Trump (45%)
  2. Nigel Farage (18%)
  3. Pauline Hanson (15%)
  4. Geert Wilders (9%)
  5. Vladamir Putin (7%)
  6. Rodrigo Duterte (2%)
  7. Marine Le Pen (1%)
  8. Bepe Grillo (1%)
  9. Beata Szydlo (1%)
  10. Heinz-Christian Strache (1%)

2016 International Cuck of the Year 

1. Justin Trudeau 2. Malcolm Turnbull 3. Barack Obama


Justin Trudeau, the male feminist Prime Minister of Canada, took first place as the biggest cuck. Malcolm Turnbull took second place, and Barack Obama came third. He would in fact be more than a cuck, he is pure evil.

  1. Justin Trudeau (30%)
  2. Malcolm Turnbull (29%)
  3. Barack Obama (16%)
  4. Bill Shorten (12%)
  5. Richard Di Natale (6%)
  6. Jeremy Corbyn (4%)
  7. Leonardo Di Caprio (2%)
  8. George Venter (1%)
  9. Jeb Bush (1%)
  10. Mitt Romney (0%)

2016 Cis-White Male of the Year

   1. Cory Bernardi 2. Vladimir Putin 3. Geert Wilders


Our beloved Cory Bernardi took first place as Cis-White Male of the Year! Putin took in second place due to his support of Trump and intention to avoid a World War III. Geert Wilders, the national conservative figure of the Netherlands, came in third for his anti-immigration and conservative policies.

  1. Cory Bernardi (36%)
  2. Vladimir Putin (18%)
  3. Geert Wilders (14%)
  4. Nigel Farage (11%)
  5. Julian Assange (5%)
  6. David Leyonhjelm (5%)
  7. Mike Pence (4%)
  8. Boris Johnson (3%)
  9. George Christensen (3%)
  10. Richard Spencer (1%)

2016 Triggered Feminist of the Year

 1. Hillary Clinton 2. Clementine Ford 3. “Trigglypuff”


Left-wing favourite Hillary Clinton took the first spot as Triggered Feminist of the Year, for obvious reasons. Australian feminist Clementine Ford took second place, and of course Trigglypuff managed to come third. These feminists are not only regressive, but are puppets of cultural Marxism who, if given power, would destroy the Western world.

  1. Hillary Clinton (32%)
  2. Clementine Ford (25%)
  3. Cora “Trigglypuff” Segal (11%)
  4. Vanessa “Van” Badham (8%)
  5. Katy Perry (5%)
  6. Leigh Sales (5%)
  7. Susan Carland (5%)
  8. Huma Abedin (5%)
  9. Gretel Killeen (3%)
  10. Emma Alberici (1%)

     2016 International Media Personality of the Year

 1. Milo Yiannopolous 2. Andrew Bolt 3. Paul Murray


Milo came in first place as the International Media Personality of the Year. An avid Trump supporter and an integral modern-day figure against the left, Milo definitely deserved this award. Australian TV show hosts Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray came in second and third, respectively, for their stances against the left here in Australia and around the world.

  1. Milo Yiannopolous (31%)
  2. Andrew Bolt (23%)
  3. Paul Murray (16%)
  4. Alex Jones (14%)
  5. Ray Hadley (5%)
  6. Alan Jones (5%)
  7. Miranda Devine (4%)
  8. Sean Hannity (2%)
  9. Steve Price (0%)
  10. David Icke (0%)

1. CNN 2. ABC Australia 3. The Guardian

The real fake news networks are the leftist mainstream ones. And of course in this award, CNN took first place for shilling for Hillary, cutting off Trump supporters while on air, and being leftist and biased in general. ABC Australia, the leftist propaganda machine in down under, came in second. And of course the Guardian proved itself trash-worthy by coming in third.

  1. CNN (50%)
  2. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (33%)
  3. The Guardian (17%)
  4. Fairfax (0%)
  5. Washington Post (0%)
  6. New York Times (0%)
  7. BBC (0%)
  8. ABC (American Broadcasting Company) (0%)
  9. MSNBC (0%)
  10. Bloomberg (0%)

    2016 Best Introduced Policy of the Year

    1. Ban on Muslims (Trump) 2. Improved relations with Russia (Trump) 3. Six Month Wait for the Dole (LNP)


    In terms of the Best Introduced Policy of last year, Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims came first, and for good reason. His intention to restore relations with Russia and work together to defeat ISIS came in second place. Those two policies were integral to his victory, even though they triggered the left and their media. Third place went to an Australian policy, which was the six month wait for the dole, introduced by George Christensen of the Liberal National Party of Australia.

    1. Ban on Muslims (Trump) (56%)
    2. Cooperating with Russia (Trump) (19%)
    3. Six Month Wait for the Dole (George Christensen) (15%)
    4. The Wall (Trump) (6%)
    5. Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite (Liberal Party of Australia) (2%)
    6. Repealing 18C (2%)
    7. Repealing Obamacare (0%)
    8. Lower Company Tax – Australia (0%)
    9. Lower Company Tax in Trump’s America (0%)
    10. Less funding for the ABC and SBS (0%)
    1. Safe Schools Program VIC 2. Building Belonging Program VIC 3. Greyhound Racing Ban NSW


    The worst policies were all Australian. The radical gender theory and brainwashing programs, Safe Schools and Building Belonging, both originating from Victoria, took first and second respectively. Number 3 was the failed greyhound racing ban introduced by the former Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird.

    1. Safe Schools Program (VIC) (60%)
    2. Building Belonging Program (VIC) (25%)
    3. Greyhound Racing Ban (NSW) (8%)
    4. Respectful Relationship Program (VIC) (2%)
    5. EU Open Borders (2%)
    6. 50/50 gender representation in cabinet (2%)
    7. Ban of the Adler Shotgun (1%)
    8. Full term abortions in Queensland (0%)
    9. Sugar Tax (0%)
    10. South Australian government treaties with Aboriginal people (0%)


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