The LGBT Industrial Complex


The month of June is supposedly LGBT Pride Month. LGBT activists claim to hold the moral high ground and call their movement progressive and on the right side of history. Many are claiming LGBT is a civil rights movement.

However, when you examine the LGBT movement, it is overwhelmingly a top-down ideological movement. These ideologies have joined with the political, media, cultural and economic power players to form the LGBT Industrial Complex.

The LGBT movement rejects the meaning of sexuality, marriage, family and embraces gender ideology and any person being free to engage in any sexual activity unrestricted. It wants to subvert and destroy society by each person being able to legally self-identify as whatever they feel like.

Controlling others’ language, controlling the argument, redefinition of words, insist on everyone using the same language are effective tools to enforce their will. LGBT activists produce definitions and guides and local laws enforce it and institutions formalize them. There are ever-evolving gender identities and sexualities.

Professional medical societies cower before these activists and create guidelines, not based on facts and science, but politics and feelings. Statutes are enacted without any thought of the consequences. They have compelled speech and fabricated fake pronouns.

The school culture in Australia conveys unquestioning acceptance of gender ideology and LGBT activism. Gender idealogues feed off the public through by getting contracts for diversity and inclusivity training.

Transgender issues are reduced to conditions related to sexual health rather than mental and behavioral disorders in exactly the same manner which saw homosexuality was removed from the DSM in 1973.

Technology such as surrogacy have made many things possible. Pansexuality, fluid sexual identity, unrestricted sexual indulgence and the end of the distinction between men and women are becoming closer to reality. Parental wishes and wants are overriding the child’s interests. The wishes of the adults is what matters.

Opponents of LGBT are purported to be parties to bullying and hatred. This is simply cognitive dissonance. It is called externalisation. Homophobia is simply a hunt for grievance. Minority stress is a gimmick. LGBT activists view the environment as hostile, so the outside is a source of all their ills.

Their strategy is to divert attention to other topics such as rights and society not treating them kindly or with acceptance. Children at schools are simply props to fulfil their ambitions. LGBT activists care as much about children as communists cared about workers.

Programs at schools which promote LGBT ideology are effectively declaring war on children. It is also a violation of religious liberty,  freedom of conscience, violation of parental rights and a violation of the separation between the state and its citizens. The state must respect the child’s right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion as well as the parents.

The contradictions in modern schooling are there is uproar when soft-drinks are sold at school due to health issues, yet pro-LGBT activists with the stark health disparities so obvious teach how wonderful the homosexual and transgender life is. They want a protected class status.

Children’s entertainment content is now promoting the LGBT lifestyle to them from a young age. Disney is doing all it can to introduce LGBT characters and themes into their movies and television shows. While Nickolodeon has made the protagonist of their most popular show Spongebob Squarepants gay from pride month

The very dark side of gay life keeps emerging, in spite of the massive media arsenal to submerge it. The BBC documentary THE TROUBLE WITH GAY MEN by Simon Fanschawe says promiscuity is the norm, drug use, alcoholism and the dire statistics are illustrated.

The media would love us all to believe that the LGBT lifestyle is completely wonderful in all its forms, they embrace long term committed relationships and their lives are no different to ours

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