The West has seen an enormous amount of protest, looting, burning, outrage,  activists intimidating and destroying livelihoods and trying to coerce or force others to kneel before the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Australian Football League players knelt before every match during last weekend’s season relaunch round. The players said it was an act of solidarity against racism.

The English Premier League is going even further having for the first 12 matches of its season relaunch player names on jerseys being replaced with Black Lives Matter.

We have seen videos and photos of various white people taking the knee before dark skinned people, police officers, politicians, celebrities and business people. Some have even literally licked the boot or shined the shoes of black lives matter advocates begging them for forgiveness for their white guilt.

The truth is Black Lives Matter is not an innocent anti-racism campaign but a political activist group whose objectives are the same as Antifa and receive funding from the same sources. It makes victims out of those with darker skim and keeps people down in festering hopelessness.

The media has encouraged and portrayed Black Lives Matter in a very positive light, especially our ABC. The ABC describes BLM as promoting positive change and bringing about a more harmonious and equal society. Fact-checking is a lowlight of late with the ABC and the AFL certainly did not do any fact-checking. They heard stand against racism and then said we will do the kneel.

US Homicide Rates

Let us look at the facts and not emotions or rhetoric. In the United States which gave rebirth to the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd’s death, over the past decade. only 4% of black homicide victims were killed by police officers. 12% of all whites and Hispanics who die of homicide are killed by police officers.

Academic research also demolishes the Black Lives Matter narrative. The mainstream media have relentlessly focused on a handful of police shootings from white police officers.

6,000 black Americans die each year from homicide more than white and other races combined. The killers are not the police and not whites, but other blacks. There are hundreds of thousands of interactions between black Americans and white police officers in the United States every year.

For the Black Lives Matter movement black lives matter only when a white person can be implicated in a black person’s death. Black Lives Matter is a magnet for radicals and its aims are to dismantle cisgender ‘privilege’, ‘white privilege’ and disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family.

Social problems in the black community like unwed motherhood, fatherless homes, gangs, drugs, poor inner-city schools, educational achievement, black on black crime and large abortion rates are ills BLM never mention. It is a Marxist-Leninist organization that uses black suffering as a prop for its larger goals. It wants allegiance from everyone and uses threats and intimidation to achieve that.

The initial rioting and looting have turned into demands to defund city police departments, tearing down historical statues, accelerated further the spread of cancel culture to old films and comedies and led to the creation of a new communist nation in the US city of Seattle called CHAZ.

Another riot occurred in the city of Atlanta, George after a local police officer shot dead a paroled criminal Rayshard Brooks after he stole his police taser on June 12th. Locals burnt down the Wendy’s diner where the altercation took place and the Atlanta Police Chief resigned.

Where the Riot Mobs Came From

The recent manifestations of outrage by angry mobs is a result of decades of work by activists, universities, and the education system. Universities and schools are drowned in social justice dogma. The daily offerings are: oppression, victimhood,  grievance, identity politics, cisnormative,  and diversity. Canceling shows, purging the academic world of impure thoughts, shutting down speakers and destroying monuments and statues of unclean persons is all the rage.

The youth of today are daily fed that society is racist and oppressive and the system is stacked up against you. Blacks are oppressed and engrained systemic racism is everywhere. The battle now is no longer for the battle of ideas but instead is through intimidation, deplatforming, protest and humiliation.

If you wear a MAGA cap anywhere you put yourself beyond the pale. You have aligned yourself with the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan. You are a racist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, xenophobic,  misogynist who has no rights. You deserve a lot of punishment, deserve to be doxxed and your family, friends, workplace and colleagues are fair game also. The squelching of dissent is the goal and the desire to humiliate and intimidate others.

Modern universities are factories of ideology producing victims and searching everywhere for oppression. Education is primarily seen as a socialist struggle for equality and social change. Children as young Marxists with no capacity to think freely is all too common. Sexless, raceless, brainless genderfluid Marxists seems to be the prime standard for a great young citizen.

Creating automatons is their goal. Destroying Western civilization and rebuilding their version of Marxism on the ruins is another goal. When preschool childminders have to do four-year degrees requesting as much as an engineer to deliver cultural Marxist pap, you know civilization is in deep decline.

We cannot allow children to do such radical things as English, maths, geography or languages. Identity politics has been teaching children and college students that your race, gender, and class determine your life virtually without your input; the individual and endeavour count for little.

We got here through decades of leftism and cultural marxism. Leftism is a religion. If you do not prescribe to the catechisms you are a bigot.  The squeeze of leftism in the institutions is pretty much complete.

The progressive takeover at universities is complete. Objectivity has been hurled aside. Individualism, self-whims,  desires and feelings is now the supreme standard. Universities embrace the tyranny of diversity and the university has as much diversity of opinion as an ABC cafeteria at lunchtime.

We have entered an Orwellian world where now words are violence, silence is violence and actual violence is not violence. Policing speech, the public square, declaring war on gender, the written language, the arts, shutting down debate and speakers is common.

The left teaches black children that they have no chance of success because the whole system is stacked against them and whitey constantly has their knees in them.

Continuing From the 1960s Radicalism

The present displays of outrage across the world can also be traced back to the sexual revolution starting in the 1960s. The huge deception of the sexual revolution has been disastrous for the West. Healing its destruction past and present will require a momentous feat.  Western culture is drowned in sex, pornography,  sexual diseases and divorce which has destroyed many children’s lives. Sex is only seen as the pleasure it provides.

The welfare state has exploded the sexual revolution and destroyed families.  Now we have the attempts to demasculinise the armed forces, weakening the male sex or getting rid of it altogether. Egg harvesting, prostitution, a huge increase in sexually transmitted diseases, gendercide and the surrogacy industry treats children as a commodity to be ordered and attained by consumers who buy them.

The progressive left are always eager to make excuses for their very dubious results. It is always couched in rights and desires and what I want. Modern Western culture is a wasteland of adult selfishness, hedonism and lust. The highest value in life seems to be sexual pleasure and the worst thing seems to be acting like a human being and not needing to say yes to everything available.  The millennials are, to be blunt, the most useless generation ever.

Abortion is the debris of the sexual revolution and it is seen as a clean up solution.  Autonomy is everything. People indulge and then refuse to accept the natural outcome. There is far more dependence now on the government and welfare fuels the breakdown of the family. The state has destroyed the incentive for  accountability and moral conduct.  Life in the womb has been stripped of all value because the act that creates it has been sapped of all value and meaning.

Leftism has destroyed the family and embraces feelings, they push for diversity and feminism in the army, use the education system to install radical social change, implant Marxists at schools and universities, divide people by identity politics and make people unable to take care of themselves. A huge welfare and administrative state accompanies this. Most of the energy of the left today is devoted to suppressing dissent, denying basic facts and avoiding the truth. 

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