Throughout the West, we are seeing the rise of left-wing rage mobs and decisions made by mob rule and not by our traditional civil democratic process.

In the United States, The United Kingdom, or Australia, the same events are unfolding: the destruction of historical statues and monuments, further cancel culture of popular films and television shows, shutting down and de-platforming of public figures for wrongthink, and media and political commentators praising BLM and Antifa without an ounce of fact-checking.

The lie that police are racist and society is terribly racist is being repeated by activists and media often enough that it is seeping through to the general public. For many years the next generation children have been and sold taught the idea we live in an unfair, unequal, and bigoted society.

Nothing has been done to correct these falsehoods, instead, governments and apathetic people bow to their demands. The millennial communist commune of CHAZ or CHOP in Seatelle is still being permitted to exist and serviced by the city’s government.

The leftist mob will not only target you but your family and colleagues also. Anyone associated with you will be targetted.  The media are spruiking for defunding the police and commentators are justifying violence saying it is a valid response to oppression. The ABC may as well say Antifa and BLM are freedom fighters. The United Nations even put out a tweet defending Antifa.


The Australian Mob

Scott Morrison last week gave a most pathetic response to Adam Bandt’s claims that 431 Aboriginal deaths in custody were the result of police brutality. Bandt’s false lie that 431 Aboriginal deaths in custody were due to police racism was met with a pathetic wet lettuce response.

Morrison said, “all deaths in custody are a tragedy.” Morrison should have vehemently called out Bandt’s lies and falsehoods. But Morrison wants to be all things to all people. He is more concerned about not being on the receiving end of the spite and rage of the packs of politically correct woke mobs. He simply has no spine.

Australian online and street are constantly doing their upmost to de-platforming speakers, online warriors targeting businesses and parents for not being woke. Human rights commissioners seeking any complainants who have been triggered and are seeking to be compensated. People are making careers out of seeking fragile humans to stroke, pamper and to compensate.

Corporations and small businesses are increasingly trying to appease militant virtue-signallers for fear their business may be targeted. Channel Nine recently parted ways with Sam Newman for speaking the truth about Saint George Fylod’s criminal history and criticizing AFL players kneeling before each came for BLM.

The New Cultural Revolution

The left wishes to erase all bad thoughts, tear down the fabric of our society, and re-write history. It will not stop with them tearing down statues, destroying books, wiping content from the internet and de-platforming campaigns

It will proceed to target businesses,  human beings, and groups. The woke want to humiliate and destroy the lives of others. Journalists and academics who go against the progressive mindset are already in serious trouble. We live in an era of intolerance and unreason.

Politically correct culture is rampant. Defunding the police is argued will bring about a fairer more equitable society. Delegitimizing law and order is a key aim of revolutionary groups and if you delegitimize law and order you are almost to the point of gaining control.

The ABC and SBS do not fulfill their character. They are the enemy of the people. They are experts at the politics of grievance and victimhood.  Division and self-loathing is their modus operandi.  Thou shall not defend our borders, Trump voters are all Nazis, Australia is deplorably racist, socialism works, white supremacists are a huge threat to Australia,  climate change is a catastrophic threat, wealth creation is unfair, Australia was invaded.

The ABC’s contribution to indigenous reconciliation is reporting Dark Emu as fact, self-loathing is the responsible thing to do, white privilege is true, police are racists and so on. Running fear campaigns and one sided-hatchet jobs is now a common daily occurrence.

The ABC was livid when the Australian Dream documentary was rejected by Australian audiences. The ABC was upset that people did not view it and then accused Australia of being racist because they do not watch propaganda.

Despite employing thousands of people it never examined why Labor lost last year’s federal election, no ABC journalist examined whether George Pell may have been wrongly imprisoned, and not a single reporter looked at why many regional Queenslanders wanted Adani COal Mine. The ABC is besotted with identity politics, but it has as much diversity of thought as a feminist tutorial at a university.

The Original Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution in China which commenced in the late 1960s destroyed much of China’s history. Outrage mobs ruled the streets, academia was purged of all wrong thoughts, books and artifacts were destroyed, businesses wrecked, statues torn down, temples burnt to the ground,  churches looted and destroyed. This is starting to play out in the West albeit in its early stages.  

The Chinese in their post-Mao era are trying to revive the past and now temples are regularly visited, Buddhism has made a big comeback and Christianity has grown.  The Chinese during the Cultural Revolution destroyed a lot of their past. The West may be doing the exact same thing.

The media want black America impoverished and angry, rioting, and impoverished. Politicians and activists can then be placed in positions of power through fraudulent empathy and by virtue.  Organize riots and bring in Antifa.

Many criminals have been freed in The United States over coronavirus fears. New York City released 2650 criminals from prison and many went back to robbery. Black Lives Matter has also provided cover for Antifa and they both falsely portray riots as mass uprisings against racism.

There soon another viral video of a black man being treated harshly as there is no perfect police force who are flawless. The myth of systemic law enforcement racism will gain more traction. 

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