The Latest Leftist ABC Attack: Australia’s Border Control


The ABC continues to deny accusations it has a left wing bias, but given the political issues it chooses to cover which could be interpreted more as political campaigns rather than journalism it is hard to conclude that the ABC is anything other than a leftist propaganda outlet. The latest was this Monday’s Four Corners program which used the story of children being held in detention on Nauru along with long disproven and denied stories of poor living conditions on Nauru as part of the ABC campaign against the Australian government’s policy of securing our borders.

Four Corners has become of late the worst offender when it comes to pushing a leftist policy position. The reason why this is so concerning is because Four Corners has the prestige of being Australia’s premier current affairs program and has won numerous journalism awards such as Logies and Walkleys. Therefore it’s reporting is held in high regard by both the public and other media outlets, it also results in governments being heavily influenced by its stories. This is opposed to a program such as Q&A whose reputation is all but in taters after its continued blatant disrespect for conservative guests and overwhelming left wing bias of its host, questioners and audience.

The latest episode of Four Corners follows previous propaganda episodes such as that on greyhound racing which led to Mike Baird ill-considered and short lived greyhound racing ban in New South Wales. There was also the episode about corrections officers trying to restrain Aboriginal youth at the Don Dale Youth Detention facility in the Northern Territory. This resulted in Malcolm Turnbull calling a royal commission into youth dentition within hours of the program being broadcast.

However this latest attempt to influence public policy in Australia has failed with the program being dismissed by both the Australian government and that of Nauru. The Nauru government was particularly scathing and rightly stating “This report was an embarrassment to journalism. From start to finish it was denigrating, racist, false and pure political activism.”  And also claimed that the children were coached to what to say by the ABC and refugee advocates “viewers could clearly see that the refugees featured were well dressed, well-groomed and healthy”. They refuted claims that the asylum seekers are in a dentition centre stating that they are free to move around the island country and have access to basic health, food, education and accommodation.

It should serve as no surprise that the Four Corners story was broadcast on the same day as an Amnesty International report was released provocatively titled Island of Despair and called the Australian governments holding of asylum seekers a form of torture. One of the writers of the report actually had the nerve to claim that the conditions on Nauru are worse than war torn Syria. It appears that Amnesty International is taking the stories of the asylum seeker advocates at their word, people whose ultimate goal is to bring every asylum seeker to Australia. It has been reported by former workers at Nauru that advocates coach asylum seekers to self-harm, make accusations against the Nauru people and authorities to further their political goal. Malcolm Turnbull who is often very weak on conservative issues strongly denied the accusation of torture “I reject that claim totally. It is absolutely false. The Australian government’s commitment is compassionate and it’s strong,”

The accusations of torture and cruelty are all part of continued push by the advocates to stop the Australian government’s policy of offshore processing of boat arrives as was demonstrated by the let them stay campaign. It is very cynical of them to use children as the faces of their campaigns as it designed make people think how can we be threatened by a child?  The advocates must think the Australian people have a short memory as the Labor Governments in power from 2007-13 abolished offshore processing which led to at its height an asylum seeker boat arriving every day. The asylum seeker processing centres that Labor had decided to reopen both onshore and offshore were filling up so fast that some were even released into the community after just arriving here. It was an untenable situation which why the Australian people elected the Abbott government in 2013 who then successfully stopped the boats.

Allowing all of the asylum seekers on Nauru to come to Australia would mean that the boats would resume coming and we would lose control of our borders. The asylum seekers who the left claim to care about will begin drowning at sea again. We are seeing the disaster of allowing unchecked immigration into Europe with crime and sexual assaults on the rise, most of the migrants contrary to media portrayals are young males not families with children. We were lucky to avoid the same disaster in Australia, but a change of government in future could jeopardize our border security once again. We are already having difficulties assimilating the asylum seekers we have here already, we don’t need to bring anymore in that will threaten community harmony.

It is also worth noting that the asylum seekers on Nauru are not being held against their will, they are free to go back home at any time. Many have found not to be refugees but simply refuse to go home endlessly appealing the government’s decisions. We do allow 13,000 refugees to resettle in Australia every year, we are doing more than our bit. It is also worth noting that we are only obliged to offer refugees safety from political persecution. We are not obligated to offer them a five star lifestyle which is why resettling them in another country is a perfectly reasonable government policy. Much of the third world would love to come over to Australia, but that would defiantly lead to societal breakdown in our communities.

I have no doubt that the ABC will continue to campaign for changing Australia’s asylum seeker policy. They will not be stopped from doing so either as the Liberal government not dare pick a fight with the ABC since they are the largest news organisation in the country and can in response even more aggressively campaign against conservatives. What we can do whenever the ABC broadcasts this propaganda is call it out, present the facts and dispel the hysteria. Governments also need to resist the urge to take any change in policy based on something the ABC reports.‘breach-of-human-rights’-amnesty/7940652

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.