The Jab’s Secret Side Effect


Of the numerous side effects that have been associated with each covid-19 vaccine, there is one that the mainstream media hasn’t covered, until now. This relates to women’s fertility. Women who have got the jab are experiencing messed-up menstrual cycles. Some older women who shouldn’t be getting their period are getting it, and younger women are not getting their period at all. 

Australia’s Department of Health had previously claimed that there is no connection between the covid vaccine and changed menstrual cycles. Yeah as if we are going to believe that! Most major side effects of the jab such as blood clots with AstraZeneca and Myocarditis with Pfizer and Moderna have been downplayed by governments and media.

With regard to changes in women’s menstrual cycles, they attempted to pretend that this side effect wasn’t happening. Their attempts to protect the reputation of the covid vaccines have failed. People who are switched on covid agenda have known what has been occurring no matter what the government said. Talk to people, do your own investigations. We can’t trust any published statistics. 

From my investigations, it does appear that this menstrual side effect is not rare at all. In June 2021 University of Auckland Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology senior lecturer Michelle Wise wrote in The Conversation “In theory, a vaccine could affect a woman’s period. A vaccine is meant to induce an immune response in the body, and this immune response could have an impact on the menstrual cycle”.

Now this year we have a US Government-funded study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology that confirms that the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines can lengthen a women’s menstrual cycle. Quoted in the New York Post lead author Alison Edelman believes that this change is related to immune system response “We know that the immune system and the reproductive system are interlinked”.

But despite this side effect now being proven women including pregnant women are still being encouraged to continue to get the jab and all the boosters? Why would this be the case? Perhaps the communist world government who created and pushed covid wants the population reduced? They want infertile women. It’s their number one goal. So nothing could achieve this more effectively than to force everyone to get a jab that stops them from having children. A luxury they believe earth can’t afford.

In the coming years, the birth rates per woman will tell but I predict it will be reduced heavily. And will remain that way if these booster shots are a permanent requirement to live in Australia forever. The lockdowns themselves have already seen Australia’s fertility plummet to 1.58 per woman over the past year, well below the population replenishment rate.

The covid vaccines have caused a whole range of side effects and allergic reactions, some mild like a rash, some deadly, some are really painful, and others are a direct hit on your ability to get pregnant. Every time communism has taken over nations they engage in mass depopulation programs. They dont admit to it, they do it in a sneaky way like blaming deadly famines on “administrative mistakes” and it appears that covid is their most thought out and clever program to achieve their unannounced goal of depopulation. We are caught in it. Spread the word, they dont have enough resources to enforce this. There is a war for people minds, win them over and we win.

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