Study: Badly Behaved Children More Likely to Grow Up with Left Wing Views


You’ve probably seen by now many YouTube clips of left wing activists and social justice warriors disrupting rallies or speeches from people they disagree with, often screeching cliched slogans and even engaging in violence. The cause of this bratty behaviour has been widely speculated, some believe it is middle class guilt from young people who’ve had a privileged childhood or that these activists have not matured past childhood.

A scientific study has now shed light on this question which appeared in the Journal Psychological Science. It found that badly behaved children are more likely to grow up with left wing views. The study surveyed 16,000 British people in their 30s following up on research conducted when they were five and seven.

Those whose parents reported they had ‘conduct problems’ when they were at primary school were more likely to support radical revolutionary socialist policies. What should be noted about the study is that those with conduct problems came from children of all social classes and levels of intelligence, this means that these people did not developed left wing views because they were brought up in poverty or suffered oppression.

Dr Gary Lewis of Royal Holloway at the University of London, one of the authors of the study said ‘Findings from both studies indicate that children who showed higher levels of conduct problems — that is, aggression, fighting, stealing from peers — were more likely to be economically left leaning and distrustful of the political system as adults.’

Dr Lewis also stated that conduct problems in childhood led to difficulty with self-control and long-term planning or early rejection of authority which leads to hostility of the political system and those with opposing viewpoints.
The survey asked participants if they agreed with statements such as ‘Government should redistribute income”, ‘People like me have no say in what Government does”, “Would not want a person from another race to be boss”, “law breakers should be given stiffer sentences” and “Men and women should have [the] chance to do [the] same kind of work’. The results of the survey were fed into two broad categories: economic and political discontent and social conservatism.

Dr Lewis concluded about his findings ‘We all wonder from time to time why it is that those on the other side of the fence came to be that way,’ and that ‘These findings take us a little further down the road to answering that question.’
Many already believed when encountering such feral activists whether we were dealing with simply troubled children, the findings of this study have proven that to be a well founded belief. It also means that politicians should certainly not be making policy decisions based on the actions and activism of such people.

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