We are near approaching the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. Many will remember the meltdown of the left who believed the next Hitler had been elected, protests erupted in major American cities with chants of ‘not my President’ as well as the reporting of numerous fake hate crimes against minorities by Trump supports.

One year later and all the indicators are that the United States is on the right path at last, the economy continues to grow, and jobs are being created. The hysterical claims of the left have proven not to be true, minorities haven’t been put into camps, freedom of the press is still upheld, and no new wars have been started.

The only thing going wrong for the United States is the antics and violence of the regressive left. Many on the right hoped that Trump’s election would restore the principles of freedom of speech and association plus end political correctness and identity politics. But this year we have seen speaking events held by conservative commentators violently shut down, attendees at free speech rallies attacked, an attempted massacre of Congressional Republicans and multiple incitements to murder President Trump.

Now the regressive left is beginning a new push to in their words end the Trump/Pence Regime. A new group Refuse Fascism has been established who join various other leftist agitators such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They have chosen 4th November 2017 to launch their movement with protests taking place in 20 major American cities. They are using provocative twitter hashtags #DRIVETHEMOUT #Nov4ItBegins.

This is not a new collection of internet warriors making some noise but a carefully and well organised new campaign to attack the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency. This was made clear in the full-page ad Refuse Fascism took out in the New York Times urging Americans to join them on the street. That ad would not have been cheap, one wonders who are the high financiers assisting this movement?


According to the mainstream media the right’s reaction and concern about what type of civil unrest this group may cause is a conspiracy theory and they are ironically more concerned about violence on the right in response. Nevermind the fact the right does not counter-protest at leftist rallies and only engages in violent conduct in response to leftist aggression.

The Refuse Fascism rallies can best be described as having a mediocre attendance and it has failed to generate prominent media coverage. The speeches at these rallies make the usual claims about minority oppression and the need for intersectional solidarity. It remains to be seen after the initial protests what other types of actions Refuse Fascism will engage it and whether they will escalate their activities.

But the launch of this new movement proves again that the left even one year on cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump won the election and is the legitimate President of United States. If they want him gone then do it the democratic way and campaign against him in the 2020 elections. If you want to Republicans out of Congress campaign against them in 2018 mid-term elections.

Stop chucking triggered tantrums in the streets of major cities which often disrupt the daily business of ordinary citizens most of whom don’t feel they are living in a totalitarian regime. Stop calling everyone you disagree with a fascist and certainly do not violently attack them.

All this latest anti-Trump movement deserves is scorn and mockery will not have one bit of influence over the Trump Administration implementing its commitments to the American voters who elected them. November 4th is just the same triggered antics from the left all over again.

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