Pro Life Student Club At Sydney University Faces O-Week Harassment

Australian Universities are now beginning the academic year. As part of welcoming new students and existing students back the student unions of universities hold orientation week festivities known as O-week.

Part of these festivities are stall displays featuring all the different clubs registered with the student union where students can learn about them, take some information and merchandise and sign up for membership.

These clubs cover a wide variety of interests, there are those dedicated to academic pursuits, those that are a social group for different hobbies and then there are those that are political in nature.

Both faculties at universities and its student unions around the world not only lean to the left but suppress conservative and right wing voices. The university campuses in the United States is where the social justice warrior movement first burst in the mainstream.

In Australia one of the most demonized political groups are those advocating for pro-life policies and support for women. Laws have been passed in two states to make it illegal to hand out pro-life material outside abortion clinics, meaning that women who enter these clinics can never hear the other viewpoint.

Therefore it is sadly not surprising that pro-life student clubs at universities have faced constant harassment and efforts to de-register them. While in New Zealand in September 2017 we spoke with ProLife Auckland who had been through this experience after being disaffiliated from the University of Auckland’s Student Association.

Now a pro life student group at the University of Sydney LifeChoice Sydney has been subjected to harassment and public vilification during that university O’Week club stall display.

A group of campus feminists from USYD Women’s Collected armed with a megaphone set up shop outside the LifeChoice stall to tell anyone who would listen how LifeChoice sucked, how dare the university allow them to exist and sung that abortions are so good.

To be fair these feminists didn’t just shout abuse they presented their own facts about abortion. They claimed there are no long term mental health impacts to women from abortions and that a women having a child is worse for their health than having an abortion.

From those statements it would appear they deny the countless stories of women who regret their abortion or are haunted by it throughout their life. They would also appear to have a disdain for motherhood as rather than view children as a blessing they view them as a source of potential misery.

The University of Sydney was also where in September 2017 during the same sex marriage postal survey a group of university students advocating a no vote had their free food stall shut down by angry students where the police had to be called.

To LifeChoice’s credit they have been undeterred by the abuse on campus and are continuing in their quest to change minds about the issue of abortion. But their experience is just one of thousands experienced by non-left wing students at universities. It is the place that was once considered a beacon of open inquiry, in the present day it is the main silencer of debate.

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