South Australian Liberal Party Links To Chinese Donor Revealed


Revelations have emerged of questionable links existing between the South Australian Liberal Party and a wealthy Chinese mining magnate. AusGold director and owner Sally Zou — a major donor to the Liberal Party, recently tweeted an image of a bank cheque worth more than $1.2 million AUD, which was made out to the South Australian division of the Liberal Party of Australia. Suspiciously, the exact amount of the donation — $1212018, also corresponds with the birthday of South Australian Liberal Party leader Steven Marshall, who turned 50 on the 21st of January earlier this year. Zou also aroused suspicions in 2017 after she established a company which was trading as the ‘Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation’.

The influence of Chinese money in Australian politics is effectively now the worst kept secret in the country, with the lack of action taken against former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari over his links to Chinese lobbyists, demonstrating that treachery and corruption from an elected representative is no longer considered a crime in Australia. With much of Australia’s prime agricultural land and inner city property being purchased by Chinese investors, the willingness of our politicians to sell out the country’s long term interests for the sake of short term gain, reeks of complacency and irresponsibility.  As Chinese conglomerates and businesspeople continue to leverage influence within Australian politics through both major parties, the nation’s future continues to teeter on the brink. The Australian people must seek out a third party option in order to save the country from the throes of major party corruption. Our future depends on it.

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