POLL: Would You Attend a Same Sex Wedding?


Same sex marriage will soon become legal in Australia with 7,817,247 or 61.6% of eligible Australians who cast an valid vote in the postal survey voting yes to same sex marriage. However it has been rightly highlighted that there were still 4,873,987 or 38.4% of Australians who voted no therefore there is a large segment of the population who do not approve of this change.

Their reasons for voting no varied, for some it was due to a moral objection to homosexuality itself or just a moral objection to same sex marriage for religious or cultural reasons. Then there were more complex reasons for no, some voted no not because they objected to same sex marriage but because they were worried about other issues such as free speech, freedom of association and safe schools. Then there were some who simply voted no to spite the left or they did not like the bullying tactics of yes campaign.

Many people who voted no were eager to highlight they didn’t consider themselves bigots or homophobes and had gay friends and respected gay people. Given that this is the case for many no voters and therefore they may know gay people who do intend to get married once it is legal and may receive an invitation to same sex wedding. Of course there were even some gay people who voted no for various reasons which raises another question whether they sometime in the future would become gay married?

It is going to be a talking point in the months and years to come as it was in United States a few years back, many Republican Presidential candidates were asked this question. Is it certainly a fair question to ask those who voted no it means that vote lasts forever and they remain opposed to same sex marriage completely or they now accept that it is now part of our society and deemed the norm.

Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby has already expressed his desire to see same sex marriage eventually repealed however Tony Abbott has accepted that we will now be a country that has same sex marriage and he will attend his sister Christine Forster’s wedding.

Given this reality and much of our readership voted no we would like to ask your opinion on whether it would be moral for you to attend a same sex wedding in the future. Of course there even may be people who voted yes because they believed in freedom but still are personally and morally opposed to same sex marriage so their attendance would not be guaranteed at a same sex wedding either. Please vote and let us know your reasoning in the comments.

Would You Attend a Same Sex Wedding?

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