Pauline Hanson welcomes Trump’s US withdrawal from TPP


Pauline Hanson has welcomed Trump’s executive order for America to exit the TPP. The anti-TPP One Nation leader hopes Australia will follow suit.

“I was very pleased to see that the President of the United States has pulled out of it and hence I’m sure it will flow onto Australia (and) we won’t go ahead with it,” she said.

The Australian government is trying to preserve what remains of the TPP, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull set to consider China as a potential replacement for the US. The Prime Minister also hopes the US will change its mind regarding this decision.

Ms Hanson said she wants to consider all free trade deals individually based on costs and benefits.

She said, “I would like to look at doing free trade with countries on an individual needs basis and what is in the best interests of Australia…I just feel these free trade agreements should be on the table for all to look at them before they are signed behind closed doors”.

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo has indicated this is not the end. It is still possible to keep the TPP despite America’s exit. He also said Indonesia may be another potential replacement along with China.

Meanwhile, Pauline Hanson will continue her mission to ensure Australia leaves the TPP. Her stance on free trade was a major factor in her party winning four Senate seats in the Australian Parliament. It is also a key concern among many rural Australians who oppose foreign ownership of Australian land and free trade deals that may increase unemployment for Australian citizens.



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