Trump corrects injustice by banning funding to pro-abortion organisations



President Trump has signed an executive order for a policy that bans federal money from being provided to international organisations that perform or promote abortions. Aid groups and NGOs will be required to stop all activities related to abortions in order to be eligible to receive federal money.

The rule, created by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, was repealed by Democratic administrations. Most recently, it was President Obama who removed this ban.

It has been a day filled with Trump delivering on his election promises. First it was an order killing the TPP and withdrawing America from trade agreements that not only killed jobs, but also legitimised state-owned companies in Communist countries.

Now, he has commenced his attack on the grave injustice committed against humanity through various organisations that fund, perform, or promote abortions.

More importantly, this policy will cut-off federal funding to organisations that lobby the government to legalise abortion or promote it for family planning.

This decision by Trump has not been without the usual shenanigans by the leftist media who are advocates of abortion as a supposed “reproductive right”.

Many media sources, notably Huffington Post, published stories mocking Trump for signing an abortion-related order while surrounded by men. As usual, the leftist media has forgotten its own dignity and self-respect by choosing to ignore morality in favour of mocking the President for something trivial.

Instead of celebrating the decision for its impact on restricting an act of murder, these media outlets have criticised a white heterosexual man for ordering an act of justice while surrounded by other white men. How typical of the leftist media.

Opponents claim the ban will result in women restricted from accessing safe abortions, leading to more extreme or dangerous options being the only viable option. But that begs the question: Why have an abortion in the first place? If you choose to have sex, then it’s your responsibility to live with the consequences. If you don’t want to live with the consequences, then don’t make irresponsible decisions. The only circumstances this may not apply are those concerning the mother’s health and rape.

Additionally, access to abortions are not a reproductive right. Murder is no one’s right. Hillary Clinton promoted women’s right to make decisions about health care. However, it should be understood that killing unborn babies is not a right.

This policy will contribute to a reduction in facilitating abortions. Good. It will contribute to promoting greater responsibility and more respectful womanhood in a time where feminists have forgotten their proper role as women in favour of adopting the “Nasty Woman” title.

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