The Unshackled was present at Nigel Farage’s Melbourne show last night which was his final stop on his tour of Australian and New Zealand. Melbourne has unfortunately become known for its aggressive leftist street activists who attempt to shut down every centre-right speaking event in the city led by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and Yelling at Racist Dogs.

This year they have protested the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event in Melbourne’s north in July which landed the tour promoters Axiomatic Events with a $68,000 police bill. They protested the March for Men organised by Sydney Watson back in August. Just on Thursday there were protests at La Trobe University in Melbourne when Bettina Arndt gave a presentation debunking the campus rape culture narrative.

Farage’s tour was organised by Damien Costas from Penthouse Magazine under the brand Global Media & Entertainment Inc. Costas had made his tour debut last year by bringing out Milo Yiannopoulos for his first Australian tour. At the Melbourne show leftist activists clashed with attendees the aftermath of which is still playing out in the Victorian court system with five people facing a trial on various charges next year. Costas is refusing to pay the $50,00 Victoria Police bill issued to him.

These groups were back again last night to descend on the eventual venue for Farage’s talk the Sofitel in Melbourne’s CBD. They held their usual signs of ‘No Nazis Never Again’ and their chants of ‘refugees are welcome racists are not’. Mainstream media estimated there to be 200 protesters.


Victoria Police were there in numbers and bags were searched upon attendees on arrival. They made five arrests including patriot activist Neil Erikson who had a ticket for the event but was arrested on unrelated driving offenses, detained for two hours and striped searched three times.

The presentation from Farage after various VIP functions began at 8pm where Farage in his trademark brash style begun by describing how he was an accidental politician and was one of the few in the European Parliament who had actually had a career before politics in finance and stockbroking. He spoke about the indoctrination of the young in our university system and dishonesty of our media in contributing the current challenges facing our world.

He outlined what the European Union experiment designed to bring the contienent together had actually made nations more hostile to each other due to financial and immigration integration. After the triumph of Brexit he turned his presentation to how we was taking his message of anti-globalism and national sovereignty to other European and western nations and his reasons and experience in supporting the Trump campaign.

There were two interruptions during the show with leftists using noise devices to interrupt Farage’s presentation and they were promptly howled down by other attendees before being escorted out by security. Farage commented since they bought tickets ‘that’s more more Mr Soros has wasted’.

After the event the Unshackled spoke with promoter Damien Costas about why he does these tours given the stress and controversy they create. We were hoping to speak with Farage himself but hedid not want to do any more media interviews after Avi Yemini’s interview with him became confrontational after Farage refused to condemn Islam to his liking.

Costas said in his closing remarks that he hopes that Nigel returns to Australia now that he has at last visited the country and had a taste for it. Farage himself hinted that Steve Bannon maybe the next major international political player to tour Australia.

Before the rest of the year is out there is still Gavin McInnes, Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos again to tour Australia in a sign the nation’s appetite for hearing right wing speakers here is strong and no amount of police bills and protests is deterring promoters.

Our video highlights from the event will be uploaded over the weekend.

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