New Queensland Late Term Abortion Bill


In one day, Wednesday the 1st March, 2017, Two Bills are expected to come before the Queensland parliament; the Abortion Law Reform (Woman’s Right to Choose) Amendment Bill and Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill.
These laws seek to remove virtually all safeguards for babies and pregnant mothers that are currently in force in Queensland, -in a formal sense at least – and would expose mothers to what studies have shown is a high risk of a range of serious physical and mental health issues. Of course babies themselves would be put to death, many perhaps because the mother is unaware that the baby is in fact, a baby, not simply a blob of cells as many ‘pro choice’ activists would seem to have us all believe.

What the bills actually propose:

The first bill introduced by MP for Cairns, Mr Rob Pyne was the Abortion Law Reform (Woman’s Right to Choose) Amendment Bill On 10 May 2016. This bill proposes that abortion be available on demand for any reason until birth without any gestational timeframes or informed consent. After examining all the evidence, the Queensland Parliament Health Committee recommended that this bill not be passed.

The idea that a baby outside the womb at 9 months is human, while a baby of the same age inside the womb is not, is both absurd and highly offensive. Indeed the idea that the baby can be killed in the womb for virtually any reason without penalty, while a baby of the same age outside the womb is protected by law, is both illogical and evil.

In an attempt to salvage as much as possible from these proposed horrific law changes, on 16 August 2016, Mr Pyne introduced a second bill – the Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill. This bill seeks to deceive the people by introducing what appears to be some level of protections, however, the protections are weak at best and in practice would do little or nothing to protect the mothers or the babies, while at the same time criminalising peaceful protest, Infringing upon free speech. After examining all the evidence on this bill, the Queensland Parliament Health Committee could not make a recommendation on whether this bill should be passed.

In 2016 it was exposed that 27 babies in Queensland had been born alive after failed abortions, and were left to die of exposure, cold an alone. That is an obvious evil, but if you think that is evil, wait till you see what will happen if these bills pass.

For instance, the bills propose that, a baby of 24 weeks gestation can be killed for any reason. For reference, consider this baby, Toby (link below), who has grown to be a beautiful healthy little boy. He was born prematurely at 24 weeks. Many ‘Pro choice’ advocates would have us believe that in those seconds before his birth he was not human, and not entitled to the same care and protections that he was just seconds later. If you think he did somehow become human at that moment, please feel free to explain what magical process made him suddenly human at that moment?

Yet Rob Pyne posted on Facebook: “To all the anti-women extremists. The first picture is a blastocyst – the second picture is a baby. Please learn to tell the difference! I am proud of my Women’s right to choose bill…”


The blindingly obvious problem with his ‘women’s right to choose’ bill is that IT ALLOWS THE KILLING OF THE BABY RIGHT UP TILL BIRTH! With logic like this, you have to wonder how he managed to find himself in a position as a lawmaker, and how he remains in that position!

According to “In Australia, abortion affects one in three women. Sometimes abortion is put forward, even taken for granted, as a ‘solution’ to the most difficult situations. However, we cannot disregard the fact that this choice involves the taking of an innocent life. Compassionate care for women and the unborn child does not involve providing terminations up to the time of natural birth which is what these bills would allow.”

I cannot agree more. And many, many thousands of his constituents do as well, as evidenced by the thousands that recently marched peacefully on Queensland parliament house in opposition to his bills. Yet still, he posts this kind of nonsense on Facebook, and to all who would disagree, he simply deletes their comments and blocks them.

At what point will we see leaders such as Rob Pyne listening to their constituents? What will it take for leaders to once again remember that, they are elected to represent the people, and to work for the good of all the people, even the unborn ones.

You can read the bills here:…/B16_0058_Abortion_Law_……/B16_0093_Health_(Abort…

More information on the bills here:


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