Theresa May to scrap free movement amidst Lords anti-Brexit rebellion


Theresa May is expected to scrap free movement for new EU immigrants on the day she triggers Article 50 next month. This means citizens from EU countries who have migrated to Britain may have to leave the country after the Article 50 process is commenced. They may be required to satisfy new migration laws and rules that will be drawn up for an independent Britain.

It is also expected that the PM will allow EU citizens who arrived before the scrapping of free movement to stay as long as a similar policy is used by the EU to apply to British citizens living in the continent.

Article 50 will most likely be triggered on March 15, and the Prime Minister had already planned to undertake the process next month. However, this might not go according to plan as a cabal of rebellious Lords have made clear their intentions to make amendments to the final deal.

Conservative MP Michael Heseltine is shamelessly leading this unpatriotic call, along with Labor, Liberal Democrat, and other Conservative peers. This has already resulted in calls by other Cabinet members for Lord Heseltine to be sacked. And for good reason. Not only is he betraying the people of Britain by wanting to interfere in the Brexit deal, but letting down his own ancestors and their heritage by wanting to keep the UK subservient to a modern left-wing super state.

This episode has also led to further disillusionment with the political class, but this time with a more dangerous nature. There have been proposals to abolish the House of Lords altogether as a result of its interference with the will of the people. This shows that the actions of the political class are leading to further disillusionment by the voters in the system, but also encouraging people to further destroy tradition as the shenanigans of modern day Lords are making traditions appear ineffective.

Such sentiments normally originate from the left, which itself is so intent on destroying our cultural foundations. The problem, however, is the fact that such calls are coming from the right, which shows that the left has infiltrated our traditions to such an extent that even the right wants to do away with them.

However, the fact remains that this entire process would not have been necessary if the Supreme Court hadn’t ruled in favour of a Parliamentary vote in the first place. People’s anger should not be directed at the Lords, it should be directed at the root of the problem: the actions of the Court.

It was the Supreme Court that betrayed the will of the people by manipulating the constitutional foundations of Britain to impose a parliamentary vote. It was the Supreme Court that shamelessly claimed the sovereignty of its own country as subservient to the laws made by the EU. It was the Supreme Court that had the nerve to tell the British people their democratic decision was invalid unless their out-of-touch parliamentarians had a say.

Yes, this scenario with the House of Lords has shown us the second chamber is certainly not a bed of roses. It has made evident the peers’ willingness to insult their ancestors and the cultural heritage that protects their position by being unpatriotic. However, that is not the main issue at hand. Always remember that it was the institution meant to uphold justice that ultimately failed in this task and bowed down to a corrupt foreign union. That is the real problem here.

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